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The Roosevelt Institution is a non-partisan progressive student think tank with a chapter at UC Davis. Founded shortly after the 2004 Presidential election on the principle that students are not too young to have good ideas and write serious policy, the Roosevelt Institution is the nation's first student think tank. The goal of the Roosevelt Institution is to capitalize on the knowledge of students by producing and publishing policy papers and analysis. There are currently over sixty chapters at universities around the country. The Roosevelt Institution publishes the "Roosevelt Review", an academic journal with papers written by college students in all levels of study.

The UC Davis chapter of the Roosevelt Institution primarily focuses on the national challenges chosen by the leadership of all of the chapters but also has some people broken down into policy centers (see below) as well as individuals writing policy outside of either scope. The current President of the UC Davis chapter is Kali Rubaii and the current Executive Director is Nick Santos.

Current Policy Centers, UC Davis Roosevelt Institution.

  • Center on Economics
  • Center on Energy and the Environment
  • Center on Peace and Security Studies

Past Centers

  • Center on Agriculture
  • Center on Human Rights and Minority Studies
  • Center on Public Health

2007-2008 School Year

Events and Projects 2006-2007 School Year

  • Panel Discussion on Sustainability
  • Series of "fireside chats"
  • Published two ideas in the 25 Ideas Series published nationally

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