S.O.S. is the Ski or Snowboard Club at UC Davis. SOS is the largest social club at UCD and is devoted to snow sports.




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The UC Davis Ski or Snowboard Club, more commonly referred to as SOS, is the largest social club on campus. The purpose behind SOS is to get skiers and snowboarders up to the snow for as cheap as possible, and of course to have a great time in the process. The club has ranged anywhere from 200-800 members in past decades, though currently it hosts around 450 members along with 6 officers and 11 staffers. Besides scoring its members huge savings, SOS is known for their wild parties and unique drinking games.

Membership is $30. This fee scores you an SOS t-shirt and a membership that will earn you tons of great discounts around town (Woodstock's, Ken's Bike & Ski, Ground Zero, etc.). Members are also able to attend all SOS events (All Cal, Cabin trips, Broomball, Float trip, etc...) for free or at a largely discounted price compared to non-members. We host an annual "Members Only" sale night at Ground Zero, in which only members gain access to the store with items up to 80% off! (As well as many other useful discounts around Davis!) If you have a yearning to go to the snow but have no car to get yourself there, SOS also organizes carpools for all of our trips! Being an SOS member also gives you full access to our "Members only parties" also known as "Ragers."

REMEMBER!! We table in the quad Monday through Thursday from 11AM-3PM throughout the year. Stop by, sign up for a trip, steal some stickers, or strike up a conversation with a friendly SOS officer or staff member. We can answer any questions you may have about the club, the social scene at Davis, where babies come from, the meaning of life, etc.

For more information or sign-ups (we accept Pay Pal), check out the website http://www.skiorsnowboardclub.com or e-mail our president at [email protected]

= Upcoming Events =

First Big Meeting, Freeborn Hall. (Date and Time TBA) Want to learn more about SOS? Come to First Big Meeting and we'll tell you everything you need to know. We've also been know to throw out some free stuff at FBM.

ALL CAL @ Copper Mountain, Colorado. All Cal is the largest trip SOS runs throughout the entire year. It's a week long trip held during the first week of winter break along with UCSC, UCSB, UCI, UCSD, UCR and UCLA. During this week about 500-800 California college students will take over the town of Copper Mountain to ski, snowboard and party at one of the best ski resorts in the world. The price for the All Cal trip includes luxury accommodation, worry-free transportation, 4 days of riding as well as a plethora of parties and social events. It's a great opportunity to ride amazing snow as well as meet friends from all over California. Come to First Big Meeting for more information. Also, visit http://www.theallcal.com.

Cabin trip season! Every other weekend during Winter Quarter we rent out huge cabins in Tahoe and you're invited to join! Trip costs are super cheap, generally ranging from 40-65 dollars for members and a bit more for non-members depending on the length of the trip. Trip costs include lodging and beverages. Cheap lift tickets are sold to particular mountains, usually around half price. Cabin trips are an excellent way to meet lots of cool people and have a great time with them. Trips fill up fast so when Cabin Trip season comes around, make sure to sign up ASAP at our table on the MU!

SOS Staff and Officers


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2007-02-21 23:59:39   I won a Forum Youngblood at the "Big Meeting" this year... SOS for the win. —DanielSong

2009-01-12 20:18:14   Dude, it's time to update this page. —condemned2bfree

2010-03-03 15:21:20   I'm a Davis Enterprise reporter looking to head up to Northstar or Sierra this weekend (March 6-7) to capture local ski/snowboard feature story. If you think you've got something, ring me at 747-8052 or email me at [email protected]jon.edwards