The Samba School is one of the performance classes at UC Davis offered through the Music Department. Directed by the awesome percussionist Chris Froh, the class learns two styles of Brazilian music, Samba from Rio de Janeiro and Samba-Reggae from Salvador. Samba is played with various types of drums, it is a mixture of European marching music and African rhythms. Thus mixing the instruments that each style uses into a very danceable and recognizable rhythm.

The ensemble meets every Thursday from 4 to 6 pm at Wyatt Deck, in the Arboretum. The class normally consists of around 20 people. It counts for one music performance unit; however, you will not find the course listed on the Open Classes site or in the Course Catalog, or really anywhere except here or if you know someone who is involved in the group. So if you're interested in the course, you have to just come by, or e-mail Chris Froh at [email protected]

Here are some videos of the Samba School Performing: