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2010-02-23 I called them once and will never use this company again. I had a leaking kitchen garbage disposer which had to be replaced. Josh (one of their technicians, he was indeed very polite, friendly and really knew his business) came next day after the service call, looked over my plumbing and wrote an estimate for $790 for what is about a 1 hour job (disposer replacement and a minor toilet leak fix) + the service call fee of $49.95. This did not include the cost of the disposer itself: I would be buying a garbage disposer directly from Sears . Instead of paying this amount I decided to pay the service call fee but ask Sears for install the disposer which they did for about $100, and fix the toilet leak myself. So, if you call Same Day Service Plumbing, you may want to ask them about their pricing before their plumber comes: Otherwise you might be unpleasantly surprised by their charges, not using them and end up paying their service call fee. —mkapovich

  • Wow... $800 is beyond outrageous for just installing a disposal. Good call on using Sears. —TomGarberson

2010-04-21 20:25:48   I was looking to get my sewer line unclogged. They would not give me a quote or price range over the phone. They charge $49.00 to give you an estimate. NEVER trust someone who charges you before even looking at the job and NEVER trust someone who posts comments on their own site all on the same hour! Don't trust these people. —FrankP

2011-07-16 21:06:59   Way overpriced! They charged me $250 for a 20 minute toilet unclog job. —TillSey

2011-08-20 14:13:32   Never Again. It seemed to me like the actual plumber had integrety and that he perhaps even felt guilty trying to sell an unnecessary new sink assembly for over $500 on behalf of this company. —MichaelWilson

2012-05-21 14:42:30   I had Same Day Service give me a price to complete a repair at my house. The price I was given was over $1,000.00. I felt the price was high and since it wasn't an emergency I called other plumbers for more bids to do the work. I eventually had North Pacific Plumbing do the job. It took them about an hour to do the job and they charged me $180.00, $20 less than they said it would. You do the math. —RLSALINGER

2013-08-06 17:40:13   Got a quote today for $1200 to fix 2 leaky sinks. Totally unbelievable. How could they expect someone to pay that? The plumber was nice, but that price is beyond price gouging. Get another estimate if you contact them. —LauraShapiro