This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


623 2nd Street (corner of F Street, next to The Avid Reader and Armadillo Music)
Sun 12pm-5pm
Mon-Sat 10am-6pm
(530) 753-9595
[email protected]
Grazia Jaroff
October 1974

Natural fiber clothing store, primarily women's clothes. Also accessories, lingerie, dancewear (ballet shoes!), some men's shirts, children's clothing, jewelry, gifts, and a huge collection of scarves. Samira's carried some items in bamboo fiber including Elita bras and panties, some pajamas, and some socks. Lots of cute socks and Mary Green silk underwear.

Samira's closed on Feb. 21st, 2009 when the owners retired.

Previously, Samira's was located at 222 D Street (Behind Mustard Seed). The original proprietor, Pat Baker, also had a store for men, which was probably located at 514 2nd St. (where Fish's Wild is now).


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2007-11-06 14:47:32   I would shop here if it didn't smell like mothballs and mildew... —Shelly

2007-12-04 20:12:12   Shelly: the distinct odors in the shop come from the silks as well as the dyes used for the clothes. We carry about equal quantities of rayon, cotton, and silk textiles. There being such a great quantity of silk, the smell becomes quite noticeable, unlike when you're dealing with only one piece at a time. As far as the dye, the smell is greatly diminished when we steam the clothes before putting them on the floor. But since we can't put every piece through a washing machine, the smell can't be completely eliminated. Congratulations on your great nose! Most people don't notice the silk smell even when we point it out. —StephanieStudebaker

2007-12-04 21:28:32   Men! If you have a wife, mother, daughter, sister, or girlfriend, you will find cool gifts at this store! —DonShor

2008-05-18 00:32:20   Cute shop, but the dye on the dress I just bought is rubbing off. Bad sign........... —eda

2008-06-01 21:17:48   Eda: Many of the clothes in our shop are quite saturated with excess dye, especially the batiks and indigos. We recommend washing everything in cold water and hanging to dry to get rid of excess dye. Like I said in reply to Shelly's comment, the smell (and concomitantly the amount of excess dye) is reduced or eliminated with washing, but we don't have the facilities or resources to wash every piece of clothing that comes through the store. It's worth a mention that if the dress you bought was dyed with indigo, it will continue to rub off, since indigo dye is less-than-permanent. —StephanieStudebaker

2008-07-26 13:19:41   My favorite place to buy any type of clothing! whether its formal wear, yoga wear, casual wear, they have it all and its all organic eco-friendly material, for REASONABLE prices. including some really cute and comfy mary janes right now. —KatieD

2008-09-23 20:21:44   Katie, thanks for the recommendation and I'm glad you like our stuff! I should make the disclaimer that although we carry natural fiber clothing, not everything is organic. We do carry Blue Canoe (which is organic) and Liberty Graphics (we usually stock a few of their organic cotton designs) brands for those who are looking for organic options. Cheers! —StephanieStudebaker

2009-03-22 17:45:39   Out of curiosity, does anyone know what the circumstances are surrounding Samira's closing up shop? —EliseKane

2009-03-22 18:04:59   The owners retired. —DonShor