Sanwarl Li was an unsuccessful candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Winter 2008 ASUCD Election running on the HEAD slate.

Candidate Statement

Hi, my name is Sanwarl Li but my friends call me Whirly. I am running for ASUCD senate under the newly created slate HEAD. Currently I am a third year political science major pursuing a possible double major in international relations. On campus I actively involved with the ski and snowboard club and work at the ASUCD bike barn. My interests include snow sports, fishing, bicycling, traps, and cooking. If I am elected ASUCD senator I will focus on small scale, obtainable projects that bring noticeable improvements that benefit the student body.

ASUCD Accessibility

Through the support of both the ASUCD Outreach and ASUCD Internship program and working with the existing comities I will increase accessibility of ASUCD to all of the student body.

Campus Services

Many on campus services are poorly advertised and thus not utilized effectively. I will work with the UCD bookstore director and staff to increase knowledge of programs the bookstore offers to help students with textbook costs. Also in addiction to working with the bookstore I would further promote and expand the ASUCD book exchange program.

ASUCD Transparency

ASUCD senate handles a very large budget but only a fraction of the student body knows how the money is untilized and an even smaller part of that group is actively involved. Through my plan on increasing ASUCD accessibility and the expansion of cooperative efforts with SPAC organizations and student volunteer groups for senate projects I will involve a greater percentage of the student body with delegating how the money every student contributes in the form of tuition is spent.


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