This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


Lentil Classic

Soup delivered anywhere in Yolo County
Pay by noon on Friday. Soup delivered on Sunday night.
[email protected]
Payment Method(s)
Cash in person; Paypal

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Mission: To create and share, wholesome, vibrant, and profoundly nourishing food. No cans, no concentrates, no animal products. Original recipes only.

About: With much sadness Sasha left her beloved home in the Bay Area to follow me, her husband, to veterinary school at UC Davis. Her surroundings may have changed but Sasha still loves to make delicious, nutritious food for her friends and family. Nothing brings her more joy. Every week she makes a soup from all natural, fresh ingredients and delivers them around Yolo county. I designed this website in an attempt to support her venture.


Ordering Protocol: Each week I will send out what the 'soup of the week' is via email. If you are interested (and please do not ever feel ANY pressure), then reply no later than noon on Friday. Sunday night I will deliver the soup anywhere within Yolo County. Pay me in person or through paypal. Enjoy the soup at your leisure, and please save and rinse the container so we can keep using it. Referrals, requests, and constructive criticism are all highly encouraged.


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2011-01-10 20:12:25   Just had the leek and soup, which was delicious. Ordered two quarts this week, after enjoying a quart of the "desert night" soup last week. What a great way to try different flavors! —ScottLay

2011-09-11 20:07:04   I love Sasha's soups... you get an appreciation for what soup should taste like: fresh, delicious, and not salty! Good stuff, highly recommended! Also, if you're forgetful like me, her soup delivery is a pleasant surprise on Sunday evenings! —MichellePalmer

2012-08-08 11:42:04   Is this place still in business? The website doesn't load. —ScottSchiller

2012-09-15 19:21:49   Sasha has moved to San Francisco and is thus no longer delivering soup in Davis. Twas' a sad, sad summer :( —cmsigovan