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26767 Road 96, Davis, CA 95616
(530) 753-3281
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Elaine Greenberg
Elaine Greenberg
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Second Chance Rotweiler Rescue seeks to save Rottweilers from euthanasia and place them in good homes. They are a non-profit organization.



On August 6, 2014, it was reported in the SacBee that:

Eleven malnourished Rottweilers are recovering after the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office seized them last week from the Second Chance Rottweiler Rescue in Davis.

Capt. Larry Cecchettini said officers visited the facility on County Road 96 after receiving a tip from a volunteer. Inside, they found three dead dogs and 11 that were still alive but malnourished. All the dogs were taken as evidence in what Cecchettini described as an ongoing criminal investigation.

'“I think I should get my dogs back,” Elaine Greenberg, president and operator of Second Chance Rottweiler Rescue, said in a phone interview Tuesday [8/5/14] with The Davis Enterprise.' Commentators on are quite opposed to this idea. The dogs that were taken are currently under care at Rotts Of Friends Animal Rescue in Woodland. Rotts Of Friends has the same street address as Yolo Canine Academy & 29 Palms Pet Resort, which has also attracted comments.

A few days later, a statement by the board was reported on locally, revealing that it was a board member of Second Chance Rotteiler Rescue who called authorities for assistance. The volunteer board member, a former law enforcement officer, discovered Elaine Greenberg, the president and caretaker for the dogs, to be in a disoriented state and the dogs starving and dying, despite a stock of premium dog food on hand. The board later removed Mrs. Greenberg and helped pay for the care of the dogs that were removed from their shelter.

On Friday, August 15, Greenberg’s body was found at about 1 p.m. inside her house in the 26000 block of County Road 96. The cause of her death was not immediately known.

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2014-08-07 08:44:33   Don't donate, they are part of a criminal investigation. —ric.chaz

2014-08-07 17:52:12   This is very sad. Eileen saved and rehomed hundreds over 12 years. I am so saddened by this...something must of happened for this to occur...I do not believe this was a malicious act on her part. —Mahler