See No Evil Hear No Evil is a piece consisting of two of The Eggheads which originally sat in front of Martin Luther King hall on the big hill. When King Hall was expanded they went into storage for a while and then were placed on new mounds built in the Mrak Hall roundabout.

Their new location

Their first location

They're both identical. Therefore, each one's open eye is looking into the other's closed eye. Below is a closeup of one of them.

The sculpture is a bit of a jab at lawyers since it is outside King Hall School of Law, and they are talking to each other, but they both lack ears to hear the other, and can't see eye to eye.


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2007-10-10 19:33:50   Robert Arenson was a genius in his quiet sculpture that is perhaps too close to the truth/lies for comfort: Maybe that's why the law school wants them moved? WilyFerret

2009-07-14 09:48:25   If you look closely at the open "eye" on one of these egg heads, you'll notice that it's not an eye at all. It's a big barnacle. —TheAmazingLarry