Early morning frost on the Regan lawn.

To the northwest of the main part of campus lies the residence hall area of Segundo. It extends to Russell Boulevard to the north, California Avenue to the east, Regan Hall Circle, Beckett Hall Circle, Parking Lot VP 25, and Orchard Road to the south, and La Rue Road to the west (with the exceptions of part of Primero Grove to the Northeast, the old Cowell Student Health Center to the west, and minor parking lots).

The new Segundo Services Center began construction in June 2010 and opened in Fall 2011. With a budget of $20 million, the official description is, "The Segundo Services Center (SSC) is the final addition to the Segundo residential area master plan which provides housing and student services for 1,825 undergraduates. The SSC provides the student community an academic advising center, computer center, recreation room, laundry room, service desk, mail center and convenience store. The SSC is also be the home for Student Housing administrative services including area residential education, facilities services, dining services, and a maintenance shop. The project also included demolition of the building containing the old Segundo DC, convenience store, and academic center. It also included construction of central mechanical connections and fire water supply for surrounding residence halls. In Fall 2013 the Segundo Services Center was awarded LEED-NC Platinum. Segundo Services Center achieved LEED certification for implementing practical and measurable strategies and solutions aimed at achieving high performance in: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality. This is the first LEED Platinum certification for UC Davis Student Housing.

The new Segundo Services Center replaced the Old Segundo Services Center which was the building that housed the original Segundo Dining commons, the Segundo Service Desk, the original Junction, and the old Academic Advising Center.

During construction, the high rise dorms also received upgrades. They closed for about one year. Regan underwent some construction, but is not in the area of the SSC.

Communities and Buildings

Rienda Hall and Campo Hall in the Fall. Segundo dorms are divided up into three regions:

Life in Segundo

Miller Hall in the summertime. It also possesses what is considered by many to be the best Dining Commons on campus. The Segundo Dining Commons was completed in early summer 2005, and has since served as a destination for residents and upperclassmen from all over campus - especially during the period in which the Tercero Dining Commons was closed during remodeling. That latter incident led to months of crowding in the DC, something Segundo residents are glad is no longer much of an issue.

Drawbacks of Segundo's location include an intermediate distance to most classes, and exterior traffic by its northern side. Benefits range from not having too long of a distance to classes, closest proximity to the Activities and Recreation Center at the Pavilion and the Student Health and Wellness Center. Beautiful grassy lawns line bicycle paths and roads throughout this region, which are often used by sunbathers in the warmer months. The 5th floor of the original four towers are convinced (year after year) that they are the "Penthouse", and that they're somehow unique.