Selisa Romero is a candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Winter 2010 ASUCD Election running on the JAM slate.

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Candidate Statement

Hello Aggies!!! My name is Selisa Romero and I am running for ASUCD Senate. I am from Huntington Park, CA in the Los Angeles County and am a third year double major in Philosophy and Sociology (emphasis in law and society). As an ASUCD senator, I will work to increase the amount of printing pages available per quarter, convert readers into online PDFs, make more transfer student housing available with resources, and work to retain as many minority students as possible. Not only will I work to complete my personal goals, but I plan on being a voice for students who are usually not heard. I am currently a member of Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc. and hold leadership chairs such as Vice President and Cultural Affairs while completing various community services and dedicating myself to my academics. I am also a proud member of the Youth Empowerment Program which works with detained immigrant youth in the Woodland Juvenile Hall. I speak my mind and believe everyone deserves the chance to improve their lives by means of education and using all resources available. I am devoted to making a change in the community and reaching out to people who are underprivileged and lack support. I feel the recent cut in printing pages is unfair on many levels. While students are still expected to make multiple drafts and print out assignments, they are unable to print over 30 pages which are clearly not enough. Paying an additional amount to what fees already cover is unfair and needs to be addressed. Students also face financial stress when purchasing readers aside from textbooks already expected for class. I would like to create incentives for instructors to post readings online as PDFs so that students may have easier access as well as save money. Transfer, re-entry, and veteran students receive limited housing opportunities while facing issues of acceptance and confusion about the UC Davis system. I would like to provide more housing opportunities on campus and information about off campus housing at orientation. Workshops on various campus resources, clubs, and organizations are also needed by transfer students. Finally, as a Latina, I have a strong passion in working to help retain as many minority students as possible. Issues of culture shock, lack of awareness of resources, discrimination, language barriers, family issues, financial stress and so forth force minorities to drop out. Programs with outreach from professors as well as online links and newsletters in multiple languages should be made to help students and their parents overcome these issues. I acknowledge change cannot be immediate, but as senator I will take all necessary measures to assure student issues are acknowledged, addressed, and taken seriously. If voted as a Senator, I will represent the change we have all been looking for. Thank you!


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