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2012-02-23 13:36:53 I lived in these apartments from 2005-2007 and everything people are saying about the deposit (not getting a cent of it back) is true. I kept the apartment immaculate and ended up getting a bill that said "above normal wear and tear". Sadly, I read reviews and people were already complaining about not getting deposits back and I ignored them. They are nice apartments and do not hear much noise at all, but too expensive, not to mention shady management. I was there before Jana and stayed for not long after she started. She was never in the office from the very begining and there were always "ghetto" looking people hanging out at her apartment. —christigiang

ToddContini (states he works for Seville) has concerns over this post above-he has called it "racist and slander" and wants it removed. He has been notified of this page and invited to participate. Please discuss. —PeteB


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2013-05-23 19:09:12   I don't see any racism and matters of opinion aren't defamation. Leave the damn comment up - and welcome to the Wiki Todd. —RyanMeyerhoff

2013-05-23 19:10:33   My 2 cents: This comment has been here for over a year and noone else has taken offense. I have seen the term "ghetto" applied to the behavior of people who are Caucasian as well. I see no direct reference to her race here. —PeteB

2013-05-24 15:38:01   Problem: one-time editor/commenter makes a derogatory comment (is there some way you can say 'ghetto' looking without it being an insult?). She'll never come back to explain it. Yet we always leave things like this? Why? I agree it sounds racist. Maybe someone can explain to me why it's ok. —DonShor

2013-05-24 16:49:29   Don-sorry friend-I personally don't see it. Yes it is an insult—but it doesn't go to the level of slander. Racist I don't see. —PeteB

2013-05-24 20:34:39   The ghetto comment seems borderline to me. I can see the argument both ways. It isn't necessarily racist, but it might be. Then again, it isn't directed at the employee, but rather at her friends. One possibility is to delete only the second half of the last sentence (and indicate that something was deleted). —CovertProfessor

2013-05-24 21:08:23   "ghetto" is not a race-specific adjective. It's her opinion in describing the type of people she often saw hanging around the manager's apartment. Didn't think the wiki was in the business of suppressing opinions in the comment fields. —RyanMeyerhoff

2013-05-24 22:04:11   Historically it refers to Jewish neighborhoods of cities, but it has come to mean in current parlance rough, cheap, uncultured, or questionably ethical. It may be code for a neighborhood populated by minorities if the speaker is over 40 to 50 years old (a la the Elvis song), but to younger speakers, it merely means an object or clothing of questionable quality or a person of questionable character with zero racial connotation (or specific action: "You didn't tip? That's hella ghetto."). The meaning has changed radically over recent generations, and the above use as a descriptive term seems to put it into the more modern non-racial usage.

I'll certainly agree with Don and CP that it is derogatory without much clarity of intent. Non-racist does not mean kind. The question seems to be if it states something about the apartments or if it is using the wiki as a platform for a public personal attack. That's where it is very borderline for me: the first half of the sentence is clearly public interest (quality of service). The second half is about her personal association at home. I'm not sure how I feel. The bulk of the comment seems very much aimed at real or perceived issues, and right now I'm reading it as simply another point along those lines.

I wish people would rant less, but that's part of reviews. I have no problem slicing and dicing reviews to edit and improve them, but I'm also well aware that I'm an outlier in that regard. The brim of the bell hat. —JabberWokky

2013-05-24 22:32:22

2013-06-02 15:27:09   As her next door neighbor I can tell you it absolutely is racist based on the fact that we are talking about a 40-45 ye old woman... she doesn't have people hanging out! Only people I ever see are her kids "ghetto" ... yeah lol it is racist! —ToddContini

2013-06-02 15:31:37   As her neighbor I can tell you it absolutely is racist based on the fact that we are talking about a 40-45 yr old woman... she doesn't have people hanging out! Only people I ever see are her kids "ghetto" ... yeah lol it is racist! I said I am affiliated with the Seville and took offense to some things being said, thank you all for the discussion "first step" to recognizing the problem... —ToddContini

2015-05-10 11:49:16   Lived here 2009-2015 we are moving,they sold apartments to someone else so the rents went up 650.00 per month They are pushing us out (rent control)not here.we paid 1425.00 a month for a 2 bedroom,2 bath now they want 1925.00 A month I ask you is this legal?our lease is up we found a new home.all I can say is buyer beware. —cowboyron96