'Shawdee Rouhafza is a candidate for the ASUCD Senate with L.E.A.D. running in Winter 2009 ASUCD election.

Candidate Statement and Activities

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HELLO EVERYONE!! My name is Shawdee Rouhafza, and I am an ASUCD Senate candidate running with the Leadership Empowerment Activism and Determination (L.E.A.D) slate this winter. I am a second year studying International Relations, Communications, and French. I want to be your ASUCD senator because I have ideas to improve certain aspects on campus that can benefit everyone, not just one group of people. I want to work on issues that affect you directly. I'm open to listen to your ideas to see what you want changed, and I have the experience and ambition to make that change happen!

ELECTIONS ARE FEBRUARY 18th-20th https://elections.ucdavis.edu/

*********************************************** ~ EXPERIENCE~

Summer 2008 Orientation Leader and Peer Advisor Advising Services

Member of the NCAA Women's Tennis Team UC Davis Intercollegiate Athletics

News Reporter ASUCD AGTV

Lobbyist ASUCD Lobby Corps

*********************************************** ~PLATFORM ISSUES~


Did you know that out of 4000 students polled, 1 out of every 5 had their bike stolen. Currently, property theft is the number one crime in Davis and it is directly affecting YOU! I will work in collaboration with the Student Police Relations Committee, the UC Davis Police as well as the City of Davis Police to get surveillance cameras put in all main locations on campus, where the majority of bikes are located and ensure that our bikes DO NOT get stolen.


The Learning Skills Center only offers free private tutoring for athletes, ESL students, and other special circumstances. I am an athlete and think that it is unfair to not provide individual tutoring to EVERYONE! Regular students, LIKE YOU, should be able to receive free private tutoring. I will work with the Learning Skills Center and Advising Services to ensure that we provide free peer tutoring for all!


I want to work with Aggie Pack to help increase student attendance at ALL of our Division 1 games. It's time we give credit where it's due and support ALL of our DIVISION I STUDENT-ATHLETES!


Our campus is so uniquely diverse, but we don't publicize and represent every group. I will work with the Ethnic and Cultural Outreach Assembly and the Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission to create and institutionalize an Ethnic and Cultural Week. I'd like to set one week aside to have all our ethnic and cultural clubs and organizations tabling out on the quad with their information and a food sample for you to taste. Each group would have one day out of the week set aside for them to showcase an aspect of their culture (i.e. through dance, music, lecturer, poetry, etc.) On the final day of the week, you will all be given the chance to immerse yourselves in a complete multicultural atmosphere. A dance!! Music from all over the world and refreshments. Open your mind and meet people from all over the world!


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2009-01-24 16:10:10   I really like that she's an athlete. I hope she supports Aggie Pack in more ways than just words. —GregWebb

  • Shawdee has shown her support for Aggie Pack, so my previous concern has been addressed. She'll be a great senator fighting for Aggie Pack. - GregWebb