Shehzad Lokhandwalla is one of the Student Assistants to the Chancellor for the 2014-2015 academic year. He previously served as an ASUCD senator for the 2013-2014 academic year and was elected in the Fall 2013 ASUCD Election. He is the first international student to hold both positions.

Student Assistant to the Chancellor Bio

Shehzad Lokhandwalla is a senior graduating in June 2015 with a major in computer science and a minor in Education. Shehzad is an international student from India, and has a been a big advocate for international students since his freshmen year. In his time at UC Davis, Shehzad has served as the President of the International Students Club, has been member of the Chancellor's Undergraduate Advisory board, has worked for the cross cultural center as the international community student coordinator, and has also served as an ASUCD Senator. In addition, Shehzad has been a member of several UC Davis committees like the Chancellor's Blue Ribbon Committee, Staff Diversity Administrative Advisory Committee, Vice Provost recruitment advisory committee, etc. As an ASUCD senator, Shehzad led several international programs in order to supplement the Chancellor's 2020 initiative. He is very passionate about community service and has won the Outstanding Recipient award in 2013 and the Gold Award in 2014, and finds all the opportunity to volunteer with various on campus departments. In the future, Shehzad wishes to attend MIT Sloan school of management and work in the Information technology sector in India.

Candidate Statement for Fall 2013 Elections

My name is Shehzad Lokhandwalla and I am running for ASUCD Senate! I am a 3rd year majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Education. I am an international student from India. I was the President of the International Students Club, and I have served on the Chancellor’s Undergraduate Advisory Board, Staff Diversity Advisory Administrative Committee, and various other committees/boards. Currently I work at Cross Cultural Center as the International Student Community Coordinator. I have been involved with ASUCD since my first year of college and I’m excited to continue serving the campus.

I want to be a voice for underrepresented students on campus. In a time when UC Davis is rapidly globalizing and admitting more international students, ASUCD must take into consideration the internationalization of our campus. Almost 10% of the student body are international students, yet an international student has not been elected senator. With your help, I want to be the first ever international ASUCD Senator at UC Davis.


INTERNATIONALIZE OUR CAMPUS: I will work with the campus administration to ensure its international programs are more welcoming to not just international students. I want our campus to celebrate diversity and enrich the experience of domestic students in a more universal setting. I will be working with several departments like the Cross Cultural Center, Services for International Students and Scholars, etc. and support student run organizations that enhance this goal. My goals are to provide more financial support for these organizations and host more events that celebrate their culture while enhancing campus life.

REPRESENTATION ON ACADEMIC SENATE: I don’t believe students are well represented in decisions when it comes to academics. The Academic Senate, comprised of an exclusive selection of faculty, have the power to make any academic decision including creating a new course or major. There are over two dozen undergraduate representative seats included in the committees of the Academic Senate, but rarely do students take that opportunity to join the committees. I will work with University Affairs to ensure that students are participating in the committee meetings and voicing our concerns.


Our school was #1 Cool School last year, and I believe we should be proud of that. We have several units and offices that work towards energy conversation. I want to work on creating awareness of our energy consumption and promote energy saving practices. Simple initiatives such as ensuring classroom lights are switched off, and preventing unnecessary consumption of electricity, can make a big difference to our campus.



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