Patron Saint Merrick

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Kingdom of the West
Society for Creative Anachromism

The Shire of Windymeads is a local chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Within the SCA, the shire is located in the Kingdom of the West, Principality of Cynagua. By modern world nomenclature, that's the Yolo County area, and the shire meets in Davis. Their patron is Saint Merrick.

The SCA is an organization dedicated to researching and recreating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe. Events are held around the local kingdom and throughout the world. Activities include martial arts, arts and sciences, crafts such as woodwork and textiles, feasts, workshops of various skills and many more. Members are recognized for their service and accomplishments by their peers and the crown.

The SCA is a non-profit group and all members are participatory. It is not like Ren Faires where people are entertained. All members at an event are actively recreating history and are each focusing on various aspects of history. Newcomers are welcome and garb (the period clothing) can be provided for your first few events until you have made your own.

As of October 2008, meetings were held in Central Park on Wednesdays, but the lack of light in evenings has stopped this. Check out the YahooGroup for announcements or e-mail the group to find out. Regular appearances are at Picnic Day and the Student Activities Faire.

Although written for a sad reason, the memories and stories written here give a very good and succinct insight to the Society and the activities and values it supports and upholds. The third story refers to the fact that the King (in this case, the fellow grousing) is chosen through combat.