Their house on Frat Row.

513 Russell Boulevard

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi, or ΣΑΕΠ, is Davis' Jewish Interest Sorority. The sorority is generally referred to simply as Sigma or Sigma AEPi. Sometimes, the Aggie abbreviates them as SAEPi.

Sigma was founded at UCD in 1998. The core values of Sigma are Unity, Trust, Strength, Sincere Sisterhood, and Jewish Values. While Sigma upholds the values of Judaism, it is not an exclusive sorority. Women of all different religions and backgrounds are welcome to join. In fact, one out of every five members of Sigma is not Jewish. Sigma engages in many community service events and is known for its annual Fond of You Fondue Night and Challah Back philanthropy events. The proceeds from these events benefit American Jewish World Service and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Sigma is one of the two associate members of the Davis College Panhellenic Association (DCPA). Associate members still have voting power within DCPA, however they do not participate in formal recruitment. To be a member of the DCPA, a sorority must be a part of the National Panhellenic Council. Sigma is not a "national sorority" because they are not a member of the National Panhellenic Council. However, Sigma has its own national board and several active chapters, including UCLA and UCSC, as well as colonies and interest groups across the country.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi was filmed in Spring 2002 for the initial season of MTV's Sorority Life.

In the past, there was a chapter of Alpha Epsilon Phi the national Jewish sorority on campus. However, AEPhi left campus in the early 1990s. Sigma was founded in part to fill the void it left, with the help of AEPi. The fact that they include Alpha Epsilon Pi in their name is not a coincidence. Originally, the Sigma in SAEPi signified 'sisters' of Alpha Epsilon Pi.


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Alpha Epsilon Phi is a national Jewish sorority. Alpha Epsilon Pi is a national Jewish fraternity. I don't know how they came up with such similar names. Just lucky I guess. — KenBloom

The reason both AEPi and AEPhi are so similar named is pure random. AEPhi was established within a year of AEPi in 1914ish. It was Random, AEPi was at NYU first and AEPhi was somewhere in the Midwest. AEPhi was established in Davis in the mid 70's before AEPi but was shut down in the 90's as to why . . This I'm not so sure about. If you want to know more about AEPhi check out their national site at

Looking at what you wrote and what he wrote, he actually didn't say anything objectionable or wrong. It really was luck in some sort of way - AEPi was founded at NYU in 1913. AEPhi was founded only a few years earlier in 1909, just up the road from NYU, at Barnard College at Columbia (hardly the midwest). According to history, the names are, as Ken, suggested, "just lucky." Also, Mark, I got all this information from the AEPhi link that you put in your comment. Peace - ALG

The Sigma in our name is not a coincidence either. Sigma does stand for Sisters of, and also Sigma is the 18th letter of the Greek alphabet and in the Jewish tradition the number 18, in hebrew, means Chai, life, which adds even more significance to our nickname. ClaireConlon

2006-03-16 09:34:40   I remember the good times of sorority life.. back when you could go to anywhere else in the country.. someone asked you where you were from, and you could say.. have you seen that show.. sorority life?.. yeah that was my town.. —JulienBiewerElstob

2007-04-15 23:09:22   Sigma is really chill i had fun hanging out with these girls —JackkiCox

2008-02-07 08:37:18   I really miss Arielle Fleisher —AndrewBianchi