Micheal Keating will go down in history as the person for having the idea for skittobrauer. Taylor Clark, Mike, Dylan Weiss, and Isaac Hamlen-Gomez made it happen. The idea came from when you leave a package of skittles in your pocket, and they get soft and stick together in a bar. Then Mike decided you could sell it if you pronouced the name weird. Hence, skittle bar became skittobrauer (skitto-brow-ER). The original production failed, as the makers tried to heat up the bar faster in the microwave. The result was a brown, rock hard, lump of crap. It tasted like ash. This soon came to be known as shittobrauer. So anyway, the production was perfected, and then the product was rolled into a ball and covered in powdered sugar and/or sprinkles. If you would like the recipe, contact Taylor

Production Techniques

  • Wrap skittles bag in several layers of duct tape
  • Hit the bag with a big mallet until there are no intact skittles. Make sure you don't burst the bag!!
  • Cut the bag open, and put the crunched skittles on a plate
  • Microwave for 20-30 seconds. any more and you start getting the chimney-taste
  • Mold into a ball, tube, or whatever
  • Add the topping of your choice
  • Roll it up in Saran Wrap, and refrigerate
  • Enjoy. Or whatever

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