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Skylr Ciolino
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Sky's Dog Walking and Pet Sitting is focused on providing outstanding pet care. Long walks for your young, energy crazy dog? Or just showing some love to a dog with some separation anxiety? How about anywhere in between? They provide it all, including requests for bath, driving to and from the vet for any scheduled visits, and much more.

They also provide in-home pet sitting; this can be for a few hours or for a few days, keeping your animals healthy and happy in your own home while you are away.

Services & Rates

Sky's Dog Walking and Pet Sitting main goals is to offer very affordable pet services, but provides the same quality and care as some of the most expensive options.

Dog Walking

The rate for dog walking is $15 a visit/ a day. This can provide 1 to 2 hour session with your dog, depending on the needs of your dog. This also completely personalized; tell them the needs of your dog. A 2 hour walk? A hour walk and an hour of play? Or just a little walk and some attention? Whatever suits your dog!

In-home Pet Sitting

All of their pet sitting is done "in-home" meaning they only provide pet sitting services done in a clients (your) home. Pets are the most comfortable in their own homes, and any addition house keeping can also be provided during the visit or stay, such as bring in the mail, feeding fish, watering plants, etc.

Day Pet Sitting - Daily visits for feeding, playtime, any home care need. This is $15 to $30 a visit depending on location, amount of dogs, and duration of visit.

Over Night Pet Sitting - This is also done in client's home and is the same as daily visit except 24/7 with an over night stay. This is typically $30 a day/night and there is an additional $5 charge per dog or cat.

Additional Services

Baths - $5 Vet visits (driving to and from) - $5 to $15 (depending on location of vet's office)


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