Be careful not to snore in Davis.

In January 1994, a woman was cited for violating Davis' infamous noise ordinance because she was snoring in her own bed, in her own duplex, and the noise bothered her student neighbor, Chris Doherty, who called the police.

The incident brought the national news media to Davis. One enterprising camera crew even set up shop in the complainant's home, hoping to catch the sound of his neighbor snoring.

The city ultimately decided not to pursue the case because the snoring was not a "willful act," as required by the ordinance. Sari Zayed subsequently sued the city council for lost wages, medical expenses, and emotional distress and the case settled out of court in March 1995 for $13,500.


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2008-10-07 14:50:52   Snoring is serious business. My room-mate freshman year sounded like a lumberjack who just got a brand-new diamond-coated, five-bladed chainsaw who suddenly found himself in a forest where the trees had beer for sap. To say I had a little trouble sleeping would be like saying the Sun is a little warm. —AndrewHarrison