This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


1260 Lake Blvd. , in the Westlake Plaza
corner of Lake and Arlington Blvd, in West Davis
6:00 AM to Midnight 7 Days a Week
(530) 758-3709

Soap City is CLOSED and all machines have been removed from the building (updated August 2011; actual close date unknown, but at latest was 8/17 when a dryer pair was pulled away from the wall).

Soap City Laundromat is a part-time attended laundromat... a place to wash and dry your clothes! This facility also provides vending machines from which you can purchase single-packets of laundry detergent as well as a change machine for changing dollars into quarters.

Cable TV — are we the only laundromat in town that still has cable TV??

* Early Bird Special - $1.00 top load wash 6am-10am, 7 days a week

  • Regular-sized NEW washers (household-sized) are $1.75
  • Larger front-loading are $2.75
  • Double-Load commercial-quality front-loading machines are $2.75
  • Triple-Load large capacity commercial front-loading machines are $5.00
  • Dryers are 6 minutes per quarter

Try our Fluff and Fold Service only $1.25 per lb. (10 Lb min.) Call for information - (530) 758 3709

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What was your experience at Soap City?

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(10/2004)I actually liked going here because there is never anyone else there. They have a bunch of new washers and the dryers are usually pretty good. Every once in a while a dryer will eat my quarters though. There's a couple tables and chairs, and a TV with cable, which is a treat as I don't have cable. Since I have gone there, all of the folding surfaces and tables have been clean. The couch in there is nasty though and I am afraid to sit on it.JanelleAlvstadMattson

(11/2006)They now have a jukebox and vending machines and specials such as discounts for doing your laundry early in the day or on Tuesdays. I think the owner is making a real effort to jazz the place up. I enjoy doing my laundry here and have never found it to be "grimy" or "nasty" in any way.MarieBoisvert

2007-01-21 21:25:13   Wow this place must have a new owner!!! It was CLEANER than it has been in a long time. It is CHEEP too!!! —TomCross

2007-04-05 22:36:52   Nice, loud jukebox + empty laundromat = a whole lotta rockin' out while cleaning your duds —StacieTownsend

2009-03-07 09:57:06   Nice place, clean and all the machines seem to be in good working condition. Went there early Saturday morning to wash blankets and quilts, and brought along a few loads of regular laundry. The commercial machines were easy to use (I won't use as much detergent next time...didn't need it). I was pretty into my book and didn't do much exploring. I didn't notice if there was a TV or jukebox. Some of the seating is a little dodgy. Pretty quiet except for the machines. Only one other person doing laundry, but lots of foot traffic over at Curves at that time of the morning. Still, it's a little isolated from the street with few windows, so patrons should try to stay alert particularly if they're alone. —DukeMcAdow

2011-09-11 13:25:33   Just confirmed the above closure. I thought maybe they were swapping out their old machines, but nope...They're closed. I'm going to miss this place, not so much because it was great, but because it was rarely so busy that I had to wait for a free dryer (unlike the Laundry Lounge, which will now be even more crowded). —MichaelMacIntosh

2014-10-14 18:12:18   Guess it's been a few years since we've visited Davis. By the time we reached Davis and stayed for 4-5 days, doing laundry was definitely in order.

I was surprised to find that there was only one laundromat left in existence, the Davis Laundry Lounge. It was staffed, clean, and the attendant was very helpful. Not surprisingly, it was a bit crowded, even on a Monday holiday. They are in the process of having several new front-loading washers installed, but apparently they were delivered with the wrong bases.

I always liked Soap City, even though usually I got lost trying to find it. It was clean and, unlike Davis Laundry Lounge, normally uncrowded. —JMLowman