About the Sockpuppet Virus

Recently, a barrage of real people have been infected by the Davis Wiki Sockpuppet Virus. We're not quite sure how it is transferred from wiki user to wiki user, but we know one thing for sure: the icon is darn cute.

Sockpuppet Virus Spreading Documentation

If you have been infected by the virus, document how you received it so we can find out who might be the Sockpuppet Mary.

  • Sockpuppet Mary — No one knows their real identity.
    • ?? Unknown Chain ??
      • JabberWokky — Self inflicted?
      • WilliamLewis — Very likely self inflicted.
      • DavidGrundler — Bought a supply to infect the below? The tricky thing was how he affected Arlen *after* Arlen infected Jason. We suspect a time machine was involved here. (Or is it that the virus has a random amount of time where it is active but hasn't manifested itself. Some can be infected for weeks without showing the telltale sign, while others exhibit the telltale sign immediately upon infection...)

Preventing Infection

Safe Editing

As mentioned, how it spreads is unknown. However, staying away from infected users will likely help. Always practice safe editing!


While the origin is unknown, it is worth noting that the virus appeared shortly after the Neustromnomic theory number one was violated. It is possible that the wiki itself is generating this darn cute icon to balance reality.