Hello, my name was Socrates. I sneezed a lot, liked grapes and loved chewing on ear plugs. I starred in my very own video that was played during a Robotmedia showcase. I could be found at MichaelGiardina's house, but I have since relocated to rat heaven. I was a she, but he called me a "he." I was a rat, but he called me "mousie." What a confusing life. Sneeze!

RIP Socrates! We <3'ed you.

One day...

I fell in the toilet.

I collect The Aggie to make my nests.

I wrestle fruit.

I like to sing the blues when I'm in my cage, but I vibrate to make sure MichaelGiardina can't take a clear photo of me.

One day, I was napping and had a dream... a dream where I had a little friend to nibble grapes with, a little partner who I could sleep with to keep me warm.

This is what my little dream-friend looked like. But, guess what happened when I woke up?

There, standing next to me... was my new best friend! Her name is Kitty.