These comments were made after Soga's closed in late 2008. The location now hosts a Chaat cafe.

2008-10-24 14:08:22   Soga's is currently being remodeled. I don't know when they will be finished. —Kasyla

2008-11-19 17:50:46   Soga's is now a Chaat Cafe ( restaurant. The food is cheaper than Kathmandu. I liked it, but I'm not an Indian food connoisseur.

I don't know if it was just a ghost in the machine, but when we got the bill, the receipt still had "Soga's" on it, as well as the usual "Customer Copy" and then a "Soga's Copy." The waitress said not everything is in the machines yet. Perhaps the manager is electing to still call the restaurant Soga's? —JeffStuart

2008-11-20 13:36:46   Yep its Indian food, I'm not sucha fan of Indian food but it wasn't bad. Had the tandori chicken dinner. not sure what the name is though. Soga's? 21-seven by Chaat cafe is on the menu, but even staff called it Soga's. Went back for a beer later and got turned away cause I had a Texas DL. But the bouncer wasn't been a prick about it, just said that out of state DL is to easy to forge since they don't know what a Texas DL is supposed to look like. They're just trying to clean the place up I guess. So don't go for the bar at night without a CA DL, you'll waste your time. —NT

2008-11-20 14:12:53   Wait. . .Soga's is now serving Indian food? Really?

I'm officially in mourning. This place back in the day was the It Spot. The place was classy and served fabulous cuisine. I'm super bummed about this change.

Another Indian food restaurant. Just what Davis needs. . . —CurlyGirl26

2008-11-20 15:03:55   One of my customers told me there was an Indian place nearby that opened up. After walking around downtown, I thought the customer was confused, but I guess I was wrong. I'm sorta happy there is a chaat cafe opening up (I know its another Indian restaurant, but its slightly different). I'd be content if this stayed and Kath went away (not that I have anything against Kath) 'cause I like the Berkeley chaat houses (Yay! Pani puri!). I'm totally trying this place today!

And on a side note: I have mixed feelings about Soga's leaving. I loved it back in the day, but in the past few years it really went downhill for me. —SunjeetBaadkar

Post-script: I just went to their website. Seems like its a chain fast-food cookie-cutter place. I'm not so hyped anymore. I need to go visit Berkeley soon...

2009-01-27 10:10:26   I didn't realize Soga's had closed. Based on all the comments, I can see why. We used to love Soga's and was "the" place to go for a special night out. But maybe they got too big for their britches. Our first time in the new location, we arrived at 6 p.m. on a Sunday evening and they were out of the specials they had given us a menu for. When we ordered substitutes, they were out of those things too. We ended up having a salad. The service was the worst I've ever seen in a restaurant.

I wrote a note coplaining about our experience and it was the very first restaurant to which I have written where I didn't get some sort of compensation for our trouble. The owner just didn't seem to care.

We tried it once more, only because we had a 2 for 1 coupon. If anything the service (there were only FIVE tables occupied) was more abominable than before. Our dinner took an hour and a half and the food was not very good. I watched the waitress stand by the new computerized cash register with our money for so long I thought she must surely be checking her e-mail and play ing a video game (did I mention there were only FIVE tables occupied at the height of business).

My son and his wife waited so long to have their order taken on their only visit to Soga's that they finally left and nobody noticed.

Soga's was a wonderful restaurant in its day, but it sure went downhill faster than any other estabishment I've ever seen (except, perhaps, Discoveries when it changed hands) —BevSykes