This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


635 Anderson Road #17
By appointment only
(530)757-7797 ext. 227

EDIT: Effective February 26th 2010, Solano Clinical Research is no longer in business, according to

Solano Clinical Research performs Phase III clinical trials for Dow Pharmaceutical Sciences and Merck on all manner of Davis-area residents, mostly students looking to make a quick buck.

Many of the studies involve testing topical ointments for irritation, photosensitivity, etc. More recently, they've been doing studies for vaccines including Smallpox and HPV.

Some hold that there's a rite-of-passage aspect to participating in their skin-irritation studies.

While most trials do not pay lots of money quickly, all of them do offer a fair compensation and can last anywhere from a few hours to two+ years.

They often advertise in The California Aggie, but interested guinea pigs can call the phone number to find out about current trials.

They have since relocated to Vallejo. (see their site).