Save the environment by harnessing the power of the sun! Solar power is becoming increasingly popular in Davis. We even have a Solar Filling Station.


An Example of Solar Panels in the Village Homes

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Solar panels being installed in the parking lot between DHS and the VMC, June 2012


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Invaluable information for the person designing their own solar system:

For a grid-tie system (that's almost every installation in Davis) all that matters is the average energy output. Solar panels are rated by power, not energy. Here's the magic conversion for the Davis area:

Energy (kWh)/day = .0037 * panel rating (STC watts)

Energy (kWh)/year = 1.35 * panel rating (STC watts)

Example: You have a typical 200 Watt panel. 200 Watts * 1.35 = 270 kWh/year (worth about $30) will be produced by that panel. Panels like this cost around $700 as of 2010. The panel is perhaps half the total installed system cost.

These "magic numbers" (.0037 and 1.35) assume fixed-mount flat-plate solar panel(s) are south facing, at latitude tilt (38.5 degrees), loss factor (DC-AC conversion, dust, thermal derating, etc.) is 67%, 5.5 insolation factor for this latitude and specific region (cloud cover, etc.), year average.