Located at the corners of Chiles and Cowell, the line spot is a favorite hangout for High School students during the summer. In early August 2005, a couch appeared there. This guy may or may not have had anything to do with said couch arriving in its current location. As of March, 2006 the couch is still there, but looking a bit sad after a number of apparent knife-attacks.

Does anyone know why this place exists? Or some history on the spot?

I'm pretty sure there's a sign that says something like "Caltrans pavement marking test section" or something to that extent - ArlenAbraham

I have not seen any such sign here. Maybe you're recalling a sign on an active stretch of Interstate 5 at the edge of Sacramento which has lines painted perpendicular to traffic (we may presume the paint which wears off the slowest wins!) I think Mike's explanation below is more plausible. - E

Back in the day, before Cowell Blvd. and Playfield Park existed, Chiles Road ran parallel to I80 from Mace all the way to the Richards Blvd overpass.

It didn't curve and end at the 4-way stop at Cowell. This Line Spot is an portion of the old Chiles Road. My guess is that it was a convenient spot to train the line painting dudes. And apparently a convenient spot to dump a couch. - MikeCarr

As of April 15th, A 2nd couch has been spotted in much better condition. The Couch Ninjas may be to blame for it's appearance...

The lines are so cool!, August 2005.

The Couch, August 2005.

The Couch in use, August 2005.

The Couch, August 2005.

The Couch with Zep on it., August 2005.