A Davis Resident recently was the only American selected to compete in the X-Alps Race

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Competing with yourself or others is a heck of a satisfying way to hone yourself. Friendly or serious sports of many many types can be found all around Davis, and then there's the iconic Davis sport, bicycling. There are plenty of fields, courts and places to play in town.

You might look into getting into shape to compete by getting some exercise, possibly at a gym, or skip the competition aspect and just enjoy an outdoor activity. (You can also just watch them, alone or with friends).

If you're a younger Davisite, you might look into youth sports, or if you're a student at UC Davis, you might be interested in the intramural sports & sport clubs that are on campus. Also, there's a type of sport popular in Davis that can't be played here, but snow sports can be found within easy travel distance.

If you find yourself really excelling at a particular sport, maybe you'll join the ranks of Davis' Olympic or professional athletes someday.

Where to Play 

  • Map of parks in Davis with numerous facilities for different sports! 


Informal Sports

Sporting Goods

Many sports require or are made easier with the right equipment. Here are some of the places you can get sporting goods. Also consider donating to Sports2Kids.

Sporting Specialists

Other Retailers

Watching Sports

You can watch the big game at home, or you can go out and watch it with friends. Here are the places in town that regularly show various sporting events.


Injured? Still want to play? There are medical specialists in sports injuries.