Stan Forbes
[email protected]
Friends of Stan Forbes, 3686 El Segundo Ave., Davis CA 95616

Who is Stan Forbes?

  • Former City Council member
  • Was elected three times to the Davis School Board. Two-time board President and named Yolo County's outstanding School Board member
  • Three-time President Davis Downtown Business Association.
  • Long term Senior Center Volunteer
  • Small business owner, third generation Yolo County almond farmer, and bookseller.


  • Co-authored Measure J to give Davis citizens the final say on growth.
  • Worked to draft and pass Measure O (Open Space Initiative) enabling Davis to preserve open space and farmland.
  • A leader in the No on X effort to ensure good planning, housing people can afford, financial stability, and reduce traffic impacts.
  • As Councilmember, he got the job done, bringing Davis more parks, pools, open space, traffic calming, Nugget market and much more
    • Arroyo Park and Pool comples in west Davis; the new Davis High School gym; new parks in Mace Ranch and south Davis; increased shopping choices, including Nugget and Gottschalks; the warm water pool in cooperation with Davis Athletic Club to serve the physically disabled; helped fund the University Retirement Community and the battered women's shelter; preserved over 2000 acres of farmland and open space.
    • Traffic enhancements including traffic calming in north and west Davis; improved traffic flow for south and east Davis with the new Mace over crossing, and a major new bicycle connector between south Davis and UCD.
    • Downtown improvements including hundreds of new parking places, a plaza, pedestrian amenities and new businesses.

What he wants to do if elected:

  • Conduct an intensive financial review to get our financial house in order, make it transparent and develop a comprehensive plan to provide services Davis wants.
  • Restore public participation to the planning process and address issues raised by Commissions before acting.
  • Return council meetings to being public meetings where public input is welcome and encouraged.
  • Continue to improve the downtown - increasing retail choices and parking
  • Implement Measure O as it was intended
  • Add police officers and improve community-police relations; restore cooperation between the city and school district; keep city promises to the neighborhoods

Ref: The information given here comes directly from his campaign flyer.