The State Farm Promotion Committee, or "Boom Committee", was a group of seven men that formed in 1905 for the sole purpose of presenting Davisville as an attractive location for the University Farm planners. A successful piece of legislation had previously called for the creation of the University Farm earlier in the year, but the bill did not specify a location. Instead, the bill granted authority to a University Farm Site Selection Commission for the purpose of selecting a worthy area. Many communities in Northern California began competing for the prize of being selected, and thus, the purpose of the State Farm Promotion Committee was to promote Davisville as the best option of them all. But the Committee was much more than just a hype squad for schmoozing big-wigs; they also had to convince local landowners to sell their farms for the site, and they had to ensure that Davisville could meet the infrastructure requirements as required by the bill. All of these challenges needed to be met in time for the official site selection process that was scheduled to begin in just a few short months.

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