These are reviews of Sterling Pointe Apartments prior to the 2012 change in management

I always liked this complex, but haven't seen inside it lately. Worth checking out.

2005-03-02 10:26:09   I lived there from 2002-2004. I left mainly because the rent got too high given the lack of amenities. Also, (1) The management is only around 3/7 days. (2) The living rooms of the first floor apts. face each other. Unless you keep your blinds closed all the time, expect everyone to have a nice peek into your living room and kitchen. I suppose thats a selling point if you're an exhibitionist. (3) The walls are pretty thin, so expect to hear your neighbors having sex. I suppose thats a selling point if you're a voyeur. —CraigBrozinsky

2005-03-17 10:21:40   Sterling Pointe: (If you want ) Creepy perverted maintenance man, who watches you as you use the treadmill or swim in the pool and loves to talk to the girls about his ex girlfriends, serving in Vietnam and how he’s a nudist. Example: 1. One of our neighbors moved because he made comments such as: “If you don’t like your bed you can come and sleep in mine.” To make matters worse he got into an argument with her bf, police were contacted, she was too scared to come back to her apartment and moved. 2. He told me that he had an 18 year old girlfriend who used to wait naked for him on his couch when he came home from work. He also mentioned how he was falling in love with all the Asian girls who walk past the complex to the bus stop. The current manager seems nice, but once you move in she isn’t helpful at all and comes and goes as she pleases and don’t bother trying to make complaints about the fact that you were disgusted by what the maintenance man said to you she doesn’t care.

-NWP bills will run you about 90-120 bucks a month., You will get notes on your door several times a week discussing issues such as: Someone’s dog pooped in the carpet so we may lock up the lounge and you’ll never be able to use it again!, We will be turning off the water sometime today (get this one pretty often these days), Someone was seen biking through the premises this is not allowed!!

If your microwave dish breaks or your light bulb burns out, expect to replace these items with your own money because they won’t do it for you. The pool isn’t heated, The balconies are falling apart but management won’t do anything until you move out, Not allowed to grill or BBQ, The small gym doesn’t get cleaned very often. It takes 20 minutes to shower due to the lack of water pressure and the temperature of the water changing from extremely hot to cold within 2 minutes. Don’t bother having your friend or family member drop you off in the parking lot because unless you have a permit the maintenance man will threaten to have your vehicle towed. IT IS NOT WORTH THE PRICE! —RainonMyshoes

2005-03-17 11:43:08   Hey, you got a nice sexual harassment suit! Get some $$$ out of his creepy ass —JimSchwab

2005-04-22 15:04:31   Not that I've finally gotten my security deposit back, here's what I really think. When I moved out, our walls were in immaculate condition, and the maintenance man said they would repaint them nonetheless. He also told me not to bother cleaning stuff up b/c they hire cleaning ladies regardless of the apartments condition. What did I get for listening to his advice?— they kept about $300 of my security deposit, including about $150 for cleaning and money for completely repainting the apartment. It took me months of phone tag and direct quoting from a legal brochure before I could convince them to give me my deposit back. According to FPI Management the maintenance man has been reprimanded for giving advice. Between that; the outrageously expensive nature of the NWP bills; the fact that they towed my car to Woodland ($170) to take down a tree, giving notice a week earlier with no reminder; the lack of convenient hours; the invasive 4 time a year "inspections," and the issues I mentioned in a previous commment, this shady place can go to hell. —CraigBrozinsky

2005-09-12 17:13:20   One of my best friend lives there. She really likes the complex, says the current manager is absolutely great and the mainenance guy as opposed to the nasty reviews in here is generally helpful,of course unless you yourself are too inviting he generally sticks to his job.The only downside is high rent which is comprensated by closeness to the market, bus stop and other such advantages. Generally well maintained and definitely worth checking out! Just wanted to post an updated review so that people can make a fair decision —GuyPunjabi

2005-10-23 13:13:10   i've been living here since the end of summer, and everything seems to be ok so far. when i put in repair requests they usually fix the problem by the end of the weekend. i've only seen the repair guy going around fixing stuff. the only problem i have right now is thin walls. the people living around me play their music/bass really loud. other than that im happy. —BlackHamster

2006-08-14 14:27:14   I live here now, and I really hate this complex. The management is never her. Even though they advertise they'll be here 3 days a week (which is pretty lame to begin with), the girl is NEVER there, even when she says she will be. They have a habit of closing early too. And the maintenance guy is a little off...he put the weather stripping for my door on the wrong side, rendering it completely useless. Now, i'm no handyman, but I think I could have at least figured THAT one out. As far as free internet goes, it's unreliable and constantly not working, so don't bet too much on being able to finish that project the night before at your own place. I can't wait till I can move out of here. —SteffiChristiana

2006-11-01 12:20:49   I find that very surprising. I've lived at Sterling Pointe for a year now and found it to be pretty great. The current manager Londi is always there for the 3 days a week - while chatty and friendly is also extremely efficient. Steve the handy man, while different the standard overly upperty student populace, is a nice guy who does everything he can to make sure the residents are happy - including being on call at a moment's notice 24 hours a day. I'm really surprised anyone would have any serious qualms about living here. The only two downsides I can think of are the thin walls/ceilings that allow you to hear your neighbours and the standard problem with all accomodation in Davis, the minority of spoilt over confident overly exciteable students that can't learn to speak quietly. —KevinGlass

2007-08-17 10:04:05   Just spent my sophomore year here with my gf in a one bedroom on the first floor. I found the management to be extremely friendly and understanding. The maintenance guy is cool, and will talk to you if you give him the chance; listen to him cuz he's got some stories to tell. During our stay, the following issue drove me nuts as a CS major: THE INTERNET SUCKS! IT SUCKS!!! it doesnt work half the time. forget about using their free wi-fi if youre an online gamer, because your ping will be 999. it times out ALL the time, too, and sometimes i cant even get it to connect all night. ridiculous. id suggest buying internet if you stay here. No central air, and the AC units are very old school. Also I noticed this, which was weird...i would turn the faucet on cold, but would wait at least 60 seconds for the water to turn from scalding hot to cool....


2008-03-05 14:31:23   So I moved out in July 2007...last week I stumbled upon Steve, the maintenance man at Sterling Pointe, in a store. We used to be pretty good friends so i said, "Hey, how are you, its been a while." The response I got was " Get the f*** out of here before you're arrested, you f***ed up my truck, motherf***er." I never touched the man's truck. He claims to have me on video vandalizing his truck. When I went to the current management demanding to see this alleged video of me, they were unhelpful and said they cant release any information. Also, she said Steve "doesn't recall" having any such conversation with me, and that she can't become involved in the issue because it "doesn't involve the property." Even though she admitted to having video surveillance in the parking lot...and supposedly i'm on the does that not relate to the property? Anyway, this dude pulically slandered me, claimed the cops are looking for me (whom I called to confirm that they arent), and the management refused to help me resolve the issue. I'm still working on clearing my name. Thanks, Steve! —boristheblade - I completely believe you. That guy has problems! —Leilei

2008-09-15 17:57:46   I just moved of this complex in September because of a roommate situation. I also just got my deposit check back. After paying a 600 dollar deposit we didn't even get 200 back after I had pretty much left the place spotless. There were a few dings on the wall, yes, but it definitely was NOT almost 500 worth of damage. At the most it was stuff that just needed painting. I find this absolutely appalling after we had bene model tenants and were always very friendly to the maintenance guy, who, if I may say, was always a bit of a creeper. I msut say that I've never been so disappointed in a living situation and I advise anybody who doesn't want to get ripped off not to move in here. It's unfortunate because the apartment itself was a nice apartment. This place is so not worth the money. —Scarlettjohnson

2008-10-08 10:18:37   Lol....I currently live here and this apartment is a waste of money. For a one bedroom it is over priced and water bill is horrendous. I do not mind paying the price for a nice place, but this place, if you have seen the inside is not close to the word nice. It can be described with another word which I do not think is allowed on this site. The maintenance guy is nice to me, but is not too friendly with my friends. If you are thinking about living here don't. Besides it's close location to the campus this complex does not have a hot tub, it's gym is not really a gym but a few workout equipments, 3 to be exact. The managers do not pay for crap, your water bill is comprised of the bill from the city and they split it among the residents. Eventhough, you are not there you are charged, trust me I know from experience when I received a water bill of 121 dollars and the month I was charged for was during the summer, when I was not even in the apartment, but staying over at my parent's house. If you still want to live here after reading this, then I do not know what is wrong with you. —thuy

2009-01-28 12:35:26   Stay far away from this place as possible!! I've been staying here for two years and I was paying $940 for a one bedroom apartment. When it was time to renew my lease again, the rent went up to $1250 for a one bedroom apartment! The water bill is not even $80, its more like $100+ even when people are cutting back usage or are not here on weekends/holidays. The walls are thin, internet is slow and the maintenance sucks! I repeat myself, do not ever live here you will regret it!! —Vanessanne

2009-08-02 23:53:30   The complex is a bit old with thin walls and have dirty/sticky cabinets. The apartment I rented was a 2bedroom/2bathroom. I never checked out the place before I signed the lease so I was in for a big surprise when my bathroom was filthy and the kitchen cabinet shelves were all sticky. They probably didn't clean anything when I moved in so it took me some time to make the place livable. Before considering this place please read below. 1) the water bill is calculated by the whole complex water bill divided by each person living in the complex. This sucked because even if you conserve as much water as you can, the bill will still end up around $40/person 2)The walls are thin (which I'm sure most complex are but its annoying) 3)The water temperature fluctuates whenever someone in the complex flushes so when you take a shower you have to tolerate cold-hot-cold. 4)The air conditioner is only in the living room, so the rooms are never cooled during hot days. 5)***This is the worst one of all*** The supervisor/maintenance guy has a problem with controlling every single thing in the complex. Here are some examples: My friend had come over to study lounge to study but it got late so I went back to the apartment to sleep while my friend stayed to study a little more. I guess she fell asleep and the superviser/maintenances guy saw her so he went up to her and told her she can't sleep there and said their are rules posted in the room that states this. Then he went and asked if she lived there and if she parked her car in the parking lot. My friend was afraid that he would tow her car so she told him she doesn't have a car and she doesn't live there. So he kicked her out and proceeded to following her while pretending to call the police!!!! My friend got scared so she had to call me to clear everything up...then the supervisor/maintenance guy just started lecturing me about rules that are posted and that I need to be with my friend if she is in the study lounge because people "break in" into the lounge all the time. Then he finally left and pretended to call in to cancel the police call on his walky-talky. Here is the problem, first of all, there were no rules posted anywhere because the next day I checked all over for this so-called "list of rules" and there wasn't any. Second of all there is no such thing as calling into the police station with a walky-talky because he is not a police so basically he was just trying to scare us. Third of all, I've never seen anyone but two other residence that goes to the study lounge to study, otherwise its empty so is claim about people breaking in to the lounge is made up. If that's not enough to persuade you that the supervisor/maintenance guy has issues, here's another example: The day I was moving out my dad parked at the red zone because it was closer my apartment (I knew that supervisor/maintenance guy has issues with people parking there because he's made a big deal out of it several times before with my housemates) but we were loading everything down to the car as quick as possible already hoping he wouldn't catch us. Then all of a sudden the supervisor/maintenace guy pops out and starts yelling at my dad (who doesn't speak English) saying it was the third time he warned my dad to not park there. My dad didn't know what he was saying but the way the supervisor/manager was talking to him was very disrespectful so my dad started saying things back to him. He started swearing at my dad saying things like "you assholes" and threatening my dad by saying "yeah, I'm not shitting you. I'm going to call the cops on you". Then he walked away. My dad was really mad but he parked his car at a parking space. 5 minutes later the supervisor/maintenance guy walks over again and starts yelling at my dad again! After a long profanity-filled argument he walked away. This is the problem: Yes, we were not supposed to park there but the maintenance guy parks there all the time to pull out his boat. No, it wasn't the third time he warned my dad because my dad just got there, so that was made up. He threatened us by saying he was going to call the police even though we moved the car. He came back again to yell at us even when the car was parked in a parking space and he starting swearing at the tenants. This all may seem biased because this review is coming from a person who is outraged by the maintenance guy but you really don't want to live at a place where the supervisor/maintenance guy treats you like and inferior all the time. You pay to live there, not to take their crap. I really don't want another person suffer though a whole year of this. Unless they replace the supervisor/maintenance guy, this is the last place you want to live in. —Leilei

2009-08-03 13:21:41   I know Leilei's comments sound really outrageous, but I have to say that it's all true. I was the unsuspecting witness to an insane amount of yelling yesterday (the parking lot echoes) between Steve, the maintenance guy and an Asian family (who I will assume to be Leilei's family). I was in my own room, but had my window open and I could hear every word clearly.

The way Steve yelled at the family was appalling, as were the names he called them. Generally, as a resident here for the past 2 years, I found Steve to be a tolerable guy, but I've also heard stories from my roommates of a bad attitude. So, with that in mind, as well as an expensive water bill, shoddy "free" internet, and rising rent prices...Sterling Pointe is not worth living in. I will be moving out by the end of this month into another complex in South Davis. —kthrnngo

2009-08-04 22:59:14   just to echo some of the previous posts, the supervisor/maintenance guy is definitely different. From what I've seen, he is pretty good about getting repairs done and getting them done fast. that being said, the rest of his behavior still makes it somehow intolerable. he enjoys lecturing at residents every single chance he gets, and during the said lecture he will remind you that he is the supervisor approximately 5 times. It gets very old very fast. The thought of him having keys to every unit is very unsettling to me.

Besides that, the actual manager is hardly there. i've dropped by on multiple occasions during the supposed office hours and no one's around. you also have to pay for your own water bill, trash and sewer too, which adds up to quite a bit. the units only have one wall ac in the living room, which doesn't cut it in davis heat, the bedroom can get pretty toasty and the ac can't do a thing about it.

so if you like to sleep in an oven in the summer, and enjoys irritating lectures during every encounter from someone who behaves like he owns you, your apartment, and your entire family, then sign on the dotted line. —ssj

2009-11-04 16:27:39   Well, I read all the comments about the creepy maintenance man, but Sterling was offering a great deal for 1-br apts so I decided to have a look anyway. Upon walking into the lobby area, I saw an older greasy-looking man in the office with a woman who I assumed was the manager. I waited outside for them to finish what they were doing, and the man (clearly the maintenance guy) came out to ask if he could help me with anything. I told him I was looking for a 1br, and he said, all shifty-eyed, "Well, if you come back tomorrow I can show you something." EW. Ew ew ew. I asked to speak with the manager and he answered aggressively that HE was the one I needed to talk to. That was enough for me. I walked out of the office and he followed, demanding if I had a problem and threatening to take me to court! What?! DEFINITELY would not even consider renting here after this interaction. It amazes me that this guy still works here after four years and numerous complaints—it's no way to run a business. —egs1981

2009-11-07 16:27:03   I moved here for the beginning of the Fall Quarter, and I got to say that I honestly tried to look the other way, but it is impossible. Our first water bill was close to 200 dollars. As of now we have not had internet for going on 3 weeks, as we are going through midterms! If you consider internet an amenity here don't because when we did have it was beyond slow. Also the maintenance guy dose a lot of things that break code violations, like sealing windows shut, or locking the door in the rear from the inside so incase of an emergency we would all die! This could be a great place to live, but has to be some changes with the facilities management, and well as concern from the management overall. To the person that posted above me, please serve him with an order to appear in court! —HollywoodhatesDavis

2010-01-22 18:56:46   I made this wiki account just so that I could in part take out some frustration on Sterling Pointe as well as to warn other people about the crappy management. We took this apartment because of it's decent location and we were able to negoitate the price down a bit. However our water bill has been between 80-100 dollars a month. so just be aware of that. second of all the management sucks. Ericka is only here MWF from 9-5. and usually leaves early. i needed a package to be delivered which she said she would sign but at 2:30 fedex was unable to deliver bc no one was there...this happen twice...i've asked repeadly for the correct keys to whatever facilities they have,- which suck by the way, but hey use what you got. the washer and dyer are a piece of crap. and the apts are really falling apart. plaster seems to be a favortie. and the ac unit is in the living room so even if you put it on it's not going to any of the rooms. same with the heater. if you can stay else where i'd recommned it. will not sign lease again. —Mine

2010-06-17 09:34:00   I have been living here for awhile now and I generally like the place, but there are two things that I would have really liked to know before I moved here. First, they lied about the square footage. I live in a one bedroom and they said it was 675 square feet and when I measured it came out to be 550 square feet, so if you are thinking about moving here measure the apartment before you sign a lease and maybe you can talk the price down. The other problem the maintenance person. He is terrible! Nearly every time I see him he has to talk down to me about how I am doing something wrong. I also noticed this isn't just me. So if you are thinking of living here you will get berated on a regular basis for no fault of your own. —annoyedResident

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2011-02-27 21:52:51   Parking sucks here. Do not expect to find any parking spots if you come home after 9pm. There is no assigned parking or parking permits, so it's first come first serve. There's a car thats been parked here for months at a time without being moved to a different spot. You can tell because this car has a tarp covering the cracked windshield. Pieces of scrap wood also take up another one of the few spots. About 4 days a week, I had have to park my car on Anderson. Not only is very annoying for when my backpack is heavy or when the weather sucks, it also makes your car more vulnerable to break-ins. Even Anderson gets filled with cars, so you have to park FAR down Anderson. Don't live here unless you like feeling stressed when you think about finding a parking space when you come home and having to walk 20 minutes just to get to your apartment. —anonymon

2011-07-29 19:52:21   New management sucks. I liked Ericka way better. Did she get fired? Is there any way to petition her back? New management seriously does not help out at all. All they say is I have to ask the manager, I have to ask the manager, I have to ask the manager. And it takes them forever. And they don't even contact you back. You have to call back. —anonymon

"2012-04-16 10:34" I've lived at Sterling Pointe less than one year and found it to be nice place.The current manager is always in her office (8:30-5).She is understanding and helpful.I moved here at the same time she started her work here.The maintenance man is so polite and nice..I'm living in one bedroom apartment in first floor.I love my apartment because I have a lot of light.Every thing is fine for me so far.Sterling Pointe is very quiet especially during weekends.And of course is very close to campus.You have Anderson Plaza that is across the street.It's very convenient place for living. —anonymon/ —nasmahsam

2011-06-13 13:26:47   I've been living at Sterling Pointe for the last 2 years. For the most part the community has been great! It is very quite and close to all the shopping I need. The only complaint I would have had would have been against the old maintenance guy Steve...but as of last month he is no longer here!!! They now have this amazing maintenance person that is very polite and takes care of all my work orders very quickly. This has really made my stay at Sterling Pointe an enjoyable one!!! I would definitely recommend this community to anyone that is looking for a quiet community with a great staff! —HappyResident

2011-06-16 17:43:46   I've been a resident for the last two years and I've been happy with the apartments for the most part. In addition to that they recently got a new maintenance worker! He's very polite and very quiet. He does his job well and is very informative when asked questions. I couldn't be happier with the change. —cwmuns

2011-12-13 14:57:44   I lived there from 2010-2011. They replaced the manager and the maintenance guy recently, but still have same bad practices, i.e. using security deposit for general cleaning and painting, which in fact is against the civil code of housing rights. I am still fighting to get my security deposit back. I left my apartment in a perfect sanitary condition with the walls clean as the day I moved in. $200 of my deposit was not returned and was used for painting and cleaning fees, wtf! —DanRohn

2012-05-05 02:46:25   There are obviously some shills on this page because this place is a dump to live in. The management sucks. The lady is extremely rude and talks to you like you are a middle schooler, even though most of the people living here are more educated than she is. While the management guy is less creepy than the old one, he doesn't go a good job. My refrigerator periodically shuts down and they will not fix it no matter how many times I ask them too. I end up having to throw all the food away. The water temperature in the shower is never correct. When I shower, the water goes from hot to cold, even when I don't touch the dial. This place is a dump, especially because they try to rip people off. Most days I can't even park my car when I get home from school because there are no parking spots. This is the third apartment complex that I've lived in since being a student at davis, and it is the worst by far. The walls are non existent. I can hear my neighbor haucking his throat every single night. Believe me, it is gross. There are so many complexes in this area, find a more decent place to live. —AndreaA

2012-05-21 10:46:04   I've lived in Sterling Pointe for nearly a year now, and would recommend living here to any college student or young adult. This is the second apartment complex I've lived in in Davis, and the rent is $400 cheaper a month with only 125 less square footage. The management is highly efficient and promptly addresses any issues I arise, regardless of business hours. There is a 24 hour maintenance line that serves residents wholly. I've called after 11pm on a Sunday when my roommate and I couldn't get our oven to turn off. Maintenance came over to turn off the stove, and replaced the oven the next afternoon with a brand new appliance. Furthermore, the management office is far friendlier and helpful than any other sales office team I've had in Davis and elsewhere. Denise is flexible, understanding, and highly knowledgeable about the field she works in. The apartments are spacious, quiet and perfect for college living for the studious tenant. I've never had any noise issues and have never had an issue with the parking (other than space size being snug, but never had any door dings or mishaps). It's been a delight living at Sterling Pointe, and the affordability combined with square footage, quality of the units, and amenities offered, is unparalleled for students looking to live off campus. —MichelleDuncan

2012-05-24 14:04:28   I have been told a lot that there are many nicer apartments in Davis, But I find this apartment complex really convenient. The best thing is that Anderson Plaza (with Savemart, Papa Murphy’s and Quickly’s) is across the street, making shopping really easy. There is are also bus stops right next to the apartment (Unitrans G, J, P/Q) for quick and easy transportation to Campus, but also has the Yolobus 42A/B—which is really nice because this line goes to Woodland shopping Center and to Sacramento International Airport and is FREE with a student ID (or $2 without). The Maintenance Man, Amar, is polite and gets jobs done quickly. Usually if something breaks he will fix it the day you request for repair and no fuss. —ChristinaStephanie