The Stock Judging Pavilion, as its name implies, was a place where livestock were once judged on our bucolic campus. It has existed in two buildings in its history, both which are still with us. The first, which was built in 1907, used to be located roughly where the bike parking lot in front of Olson Hall is today. According to the UCD Centennial historical timeline, in 1963 "the stock-judging pavilion [was] moved, converted into an Elizabethan theater and renamed the Wyatt Pavilion Theatre." The second building, which was constructed sometime between 1919 and 1923, now houses the ASUCD Bike Barn and Outdoor Adventures.

The official website for the Bike Barn actually claims that the second building was constructed in 1910; however, this claim seems doubtful because the second building does not yet appear on the Sanborn fire insurance map of December 1911. By the time the next Sanborn map was produced in 1921, the second building, labeled "Stock Judging", can be clearly observed in an area right next to where the livestock was held. At the same time, the first building was still shown in its original position. At some point between 1921 and 1945, the original pavilion was moved so as to sit directly next to the second building, and at this point, it had apparently resumed its former functions. The Sanborn map of 1945 refers to the first building as the stock pavilion whereas it states that the newer building was being used for storage and classroom purposes. Based on this information, it seems reasonable to conclude that the second building was possibly intended as a temporary replacement or that the original building was preferable and people missed it enough to warrant a move to the better location which was closer to the livestock.