This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


1950 Lake Boulevard
Corner of West Covell Boulevard and Lake Boulevard
(Next to the Circle K gas station)
Daily 24-hours
Payment Method

Stonegate Car Wash used to be a self-serve coin-operated car wash. Be sure to bring enough quarters. There is an attendant during business hours (8AM-5PM). Each stall has a high-pressure hose connected to a source of soapy water and plain water. A car wash costs about $2.00 for the first few minutes and $0.25 for every additional 45 seconds. They also have a vacuum cleaner.

It became Planet Wash.


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2008-05-10 18:31:39   To my dismay this car wash is currently closed for renovation. They had a sign up that said they were going to be opening an "eco-friendly" wash on June 10. In the mean time you'll have to wash your car somewhere else... —OscarSabino

2008-11-18 18:46:11   Stonegate Car Wash is now Planet Wash. Yay! —gurglemeow