2205 Dutton Hall
8:50am - 4:00pm M-F, Drop in: 9:00am-4:00pm M-F
(530) 752-3000

The Learning Skills Center is now called the Student Academic Success Center and is still a valuable UC Davis academics resource for undergraduates. They offer FREE workshops on general study skills, writing skills, English as a second language, science skills, chemistry, math, physics, and statistics. They also offer free individual and group tutoring. The LSC offers drop in tutoring, where students can come in and ask questions in many different subjects with no appointments necessary. However, you may make same-day and scheduled appointments as well. Here is a schedule of the math, physics, and chemistry workshops offered: http://success.ucdavis.edu/academic/workshops-math-sci.html

FREE Group tutoring is available for the following classes: Math 12, 16abc, 17abc, 21abcd; Chem 2abc, 8ab, 118abc; Bis 1abc, 101, 102, 103; phy 9abcd; stats 13; Spanish 1-30 To sign up for a group tutoring session check go to http://lsc.ucdavis.edu:20000/TutorTrac/Default.html

Drop in: (because various tutors and specialists do drop in, some of the harder classes are not tutored all of the time, hence it is important to check the schedule on their website to see when is the best time to stop by for tutoring in your class)

  • Math: 16abc all the time; 17ab, 21abc most of the time; 17c, 21d, 22ab some times
  • Chem: 2abc all the time; 8ab, 118abc most of the time; 128abc some times
  • Physics: 7abc and 9abc some times

Here is a complete schedule of drop-in tutoring hours: http://success.ucdavis.edu/academic/dropin.html

Undergraduates are usually shy about going to the LSC, but their usefulness should not be underestimated. They are skilled at helping students with a broad range of academic success and experience. For writing skills, they can help you effectively communicate your thoughts in papers, as well as help you understand what professors are looking for in papers and essay exams.


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  • In economics, the math tends to be calculus based and in the case of econometrics, statistics based. Just remember the LSC helps with calc and stats, so they may be able to help you understand your econ! I'm sure this is true for other subjects as well! —JessicaRockwell

2007-08-10 10:11:08   This place is especially great for students who can't make office hours or students who are to shy to ask basic questions in office hours (often office hours can be intimidating, and this is a great resource if your professor is on the intimidating side) —MattHh

2007-10-15 22:06:44   LSC is the way to go! Although it is open to all majors, most of the courses that offer tutoring and workshops are catered towards biology major requirements. If you're doing Chem2 series, definitely take the workshops. The professionals there highlight key concepts and go over practice problems. The tutoring services are done by Undergraduate tutors so results may vary depending on their competency in both subject material and teaching ability, but so far I'm impressed. If you want to get A's in your classes, definitely sign up because it helps tremendously. Free and convenient too. Don't miss out or you'll regret it. I'm serious! Make the most out of your tuition, education, and future and just freakin' go. AND DO IT NOW. —soohoo

2007-11-02 00:59:00   I love the LSC. Their tutoring services are great, although if you go to drop-in for Math help during peak hours (10 - 12), there will probably be 1 tutor for about 15+ people and it takes a poop-load of time for them to get to you. But what can you expect; it's free. Definitely take advantage of it though. —kthrnngo

  • I especially recommend going 9-10am or Fridays 4-5pm. Those tend to be almost empty (1-4 students).

2009-01-26 21:46:34   I wish they had tutors for courses other than English, Math, and the Sciences. It would be cool if they had tutoring for Econ or Linguistics per say. —BryceH

2012-05-01 23:30:17   is the SASC open during summer? I'm taking part of the O-chem series over summer and would really love to get free tutoring over summer. —JenniferNguyen

  • Call SASC 752-3000 and ask them about summer scheduling—then post here—SASC functions best with user input. Alternatively, go now and get regular chem learned solidly, which will help you understand O-chem easier. Don't forget to go to TA/Prof office hours for help; they're also free resources. Best o-chem tip: practice drawing chemical structures. They're critical in o-chem note-taking. Learning the names of functional groups is super-important too. O-chem really requires art, visualization, and language skills —JudithTruman

2012-01-14   does the SASC offer tutoring services for courses such as Foreign Languages or Politics? —["Users/MichelleNguyen]