Kitty-corner to Silo, North of Chem 194 on campus
Hours (Academic Year)
Monday - Thursday 7 a.m. to 12 a.m.
Friday 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Saturday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Sunday Noon to 10 p.m.

Hours (Summer)
Monday - Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Friday 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Closed Saturday & Sunday



The Student Community Center, one of the buildings on campus, opened on January, 9 2012 and is the new home for the following centers:



Students voted to assess themselves a fee of $13.00/quarter in order to build the Student Community Center. During the planning phase and early construction, it was known as the Student Resource Center.

The building was originally planned to have basic LEED certification. In 2006, CalPIRG and the California Student Sustainability Coalition campaigned to have the building built to LEED Platinum certification. The campaign collected 1,200 petitions. They also wrote an ASUCD Senate resolution (SR11 in Winter 2006), which passed unanimously. Eventually, they convinced the administration to build a LEED Platinum SRC, though funding and a number of other road blocks caused the project to fall one certification level short and is now seeking LEED Gold status.

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2010-03-01 20:11:59   Great, more student fees spent on stuff I will never use. —hankim

  • But you frequently used the Temporary Buildings that the Center is replacing, right? —SRB
    • So let's spend a bunch of money to replace a few buildings that I never use with another building I'll never use. Strong logic. —hankim
      • I never used the ARC, whether the money came out of my tuition or not. Many people never use Unitrans, either. You pay into the system, and you get services out. —Th3DrD0nn4
        • And I disagree with how the school funds the ARC and Unitrans as well. —hankim
          • Fair enough. I gradumated but still live in town, so I use the SCC without paying a red cent. On the other hand I finished up right before it was built, so I'm sure plenty of my tuition went toward its construction. —Th3DrD0nn4
            • Yep your money did. Same thing happened when the ARC was built. A bunch of students who would never see it completed paid for it. That should not happen with a gym. Pretty sure 24 Hour Fitness would never go into a town, force everyone (including those who don't want it there or don't care for a gym) there to pay for it and then build the gym. It's crap like this that pisses me off about UC Davis. —hankim

2012-01-10 08:58:40   It's pretty nice inside, wish I had remembered my camera and had time to take some more notes. There is a staffed information desk when you walk in from the main South entrance. Guess I'll have to go back. —AlexMandel

2012-03-09 21:00:44   This should be linked to the Campus Buildings Wiki(http://daviswiki.org/Campus_Buildings), but I don't know how. —HeatherKeck

  • There is no Campus Buildings Wiki, just the Campus Buildings page on the Davis Wiki. :-) I added a link from the Student Community Center page to the Campus Buildings page and vice versa; I think that's what you wanted. The code to link to a page looks like this: ["Campus Buildings"]. —CovertProfessor

2012-05-09 00:29:35   The CoHo here could be better. Last quarter they consistently opened 10-15 minutes late, wasn't "set up" to punch my CoHo card (is a hole punch THAT technologically advanced?), and possibly got the dark/decaf roasts mixed up as I fell asleep fifteen minutes after drinking the "dark" French roast and sometimes felt super-wired.


2012-05-13 17:10:54   I feel that having this building built is a great investment, even though my tuition went up because of this...But hey, what am I going to do. That' why I go here a lot. I mean the library is always full and doesn't have a lot of plugs for laptops unlike the S.C.C. where there are plugs nearly EVERYWHERE! There's a whole bunch of centers in this place too, can't remember them all but I do remember going to the Undergraduate Research center and they helped me find a professor to do research for. There's A.C. when it's ridiculously hot outside and keeps you nice and dry when it's raining outside. They close pretty late and they have the study lounge open for quite a while too. Great place to go other than the library or the 24 to study or just to hang out with friends. I can't believe they let us eat in there, I always feel bad but it's great to know I can go inside one of these buildings to eat, hang out and study all at the same time. —JaceWinter