West of The Colleges, South of Baggins End
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The UC Davis Student Experimental Farm focuses on organic and sustainable agriculture, including seeding, pest control, irrigation, sales, and marketing. Work hours are from 8am to 12pm Monday thru Friday. All new volunteers are welcomed!

On its 20 acres, researchers and students plant a variety of crops to investigate methods of organic farming. Compost is provided by Project Compost, which composts food wastes from the campus in long aerobic windrows off the side of the road here. Some of the equipment runs on biofuel made at the farm.

The Old CA water tower rises above the fields. A portion of the farm is dedicated to the Market Garden, which sells organically-grown vegetables to the (University-affiliated) public and the Coffee House. Produce from the Market Garden is provided in weekly CSA baskets for a monthly or quarterly subscription. See the official Web site for more details.

To help out on the farm, contact Mark Van Horn and Raoul Adamchak. Many of those working on the farm are students at the University.


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Plucky, the Student Farm cat, has taken a liking to hanging out in front of my apartment in the colleges. So if someone is worried, don't be! - ChristyMarsden

2011-08-25 15:14:27   Just an fyi, I asked about becoming a subscriber and the response I got back was that there is a 1.5 year waiting list. —Strategiry