Fall 2006 Candidates

Alexandra Frick - ASUCD Senate Candidate


Eric Friedman - ASUCD Senate Candidate


Mara Harris - ASUCD Senate Candidate

  • UCD Women's Club Lacrosse
  • ASUCD Senate Intern
  • President - San Dieguito High School Speech and Debate Team


Jesse Rosales - ASUCD Senate Candidate

  • Social Chair - Alpha Gamma Rho
  • Lab Assistant - UCD Plant Sciences
  • UCD Ski or Snowboard Club

Saundra Rose - ASUCD Senate Candidate'

Jack Shannon - ASUCD Senate Candidate

Fall 2006 Platform - WE'RE HERE FOR YOU!

We'll Provide More Entertainment for You

  • Bring more bands and performers to the quad free of cost to you
  • Increase sports and recreation events that you can participate in

We'll Improve Existing Services for You

  • Work for the expansion and reliability of wireless internet access on campus
  • Work toward getting you units for taking classes at the Experimental College

We'll Prive More Information for You

  • Adopt-a-club - We'll regularly come to your clubs and groups even after we're elected to keep you informed
  • Create a centralized website for you to learn about student organizations and for existing groups to post infor for new members

We'll Make Your Money Work Harder for You

  • Money spent on events that target the greater student community
  • Make sure your money is responsibly allocated to student groups and student services that benefit you

Winter 2006 Candidates

Chris Herold - ASUCD Presidential Candidate

Parisa Manteghi - ASUCD Vice Presidential Candidate

Kevin Roberts - ASUCD Senate Candidate

George Ajlouny - ASUCD Senate Candidate


Fall 2005 Senate Candidates

Natalia Farhad Motamed


Behrad Golshani

  • South Asian Student Organization Board Member
  • Athletic Media Intern
  • Phi Kappa Psi

Spencer Higgins


Jimmy Moresco

Katie Webber

  • University High School ASB President
  • Alpha Phi
  • Junior Panhellenic Representative

Winter 2005 Candidates

Sapana Shende - President

Jenni Beeman - Vice-President

  • ASUCD Academic Affairs Commission Chair(2004-2005)
  • CASAN Community Service Director(2003-2004)
  • Athletic Administrative Advisory Committee(2004-2005)
  • UCD Fleet Services Assistant (2004- )

Kale Jenks - Senate

Kai Savaree-Ruess - Senate

Cindy Yu - Senate

Ami Vora - Senate

Ari Kalfayan - Senate

  • Ski or Snowboard Club President(2004-2005), Staff 2003-2004
  • Co-founder of the UC Davis Mens Club Water Polo Team