2nd floor, UC Davis Fire Department
(on campus, behind Life Sciences Addition on Kleiber Hall Dr.)

UC Davis Fire Department employs up to 15 full-time UC Davis students as Student Resident Firefighters. These students are required to work five shifts, and attend three training sessions per month, totaling about 87 hours. During their shifts, Student Resident Firefighters are assigned to an engine or truck company and work alongside career firefighters responding to emergency calls on the UC Davis campus and in surrounding areas to accomplish goals of life safety, property and environment protection, and public assistance. Student Resident Firefighters receive no monetary compensation for their work. Instead, they are offered a private dorm room at UC Davis Fire Department Station 34 free of charge. UC Davis Fire Department only hires Student Resident Firefighters once every two years. As one of the most desired student jobs on campus, the hiring process is extremely competitive and includes a written application, physical agility test, interview, and training academy. To receive notification at the beginning of the next hiring process, submit a Student Resident Firefighter interest card in the front lobby of the Fire/Police building. For more information about the program watch the video linked above or drop by Station 34 during normal business hours and ask to speak to a Student Resident Firefighter.

The Student Resident Firefighters annually form a team for the Relay for Life and host an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast as their fund raiser.

The Student Resident Firefighters are one of several types of student resident employees on campus.

Current and alumni Student Resident Firefighters pose with the historic engine, Picnic Day 2006