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Steve Ostrowski, self appointed, splinter organization
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Students For Life at UCD

Students for Life is the title of an inactive group that fell apart in 2006 when members graduated. It then splintered into a faction founded by Steve Ostrowski, the self-appointed leader. Neither are registered with SPAC as a student organization. Both are generally dormant but seeking members. They are non-sectarian, non-profit organizations that may interact with faith based and secular institutions at UC Davis and in town.

The goal of Students for Life is to reduce abortion and euthanasia by way of education and political action. They hope to provide an alternative to the Davis pro choice environment and grant opportunities for young people to become active in these issues. Note that they do not address other "life issues," such as the death penalty or war — they focus on the specific issues of abortion and euthanasia.

Group Activities, Positions and History

Several UC Davis students participated in the San Francisco March for Life, a pro life march, in January of 2005. They then created the Students For Life at UCD in late March of 2005 and by consensus made Colin Wen the president of the group. The group was made into a SPAC group the following week. On April 4, 2005 Students For Life created a demonostration on the quad which displayed how many abortions took place every hour represented by 160 white and brown crosses. On April 5, 2005 Vice President of Publicity Larwence Chukwueke wrote a letter to the editor announcing the existence of the group. Two criticisms were written to the California Aggie on April 7, 2005 responding the the April 4th demonstration. President ColinWen on April 12, 2005 made an appearance in his criticism of the Aggie's headline of the April 4th demonstration. On April 14, 2005 ASUCD Senator Donald Cohen-Cutler doubted the organizations non-sectarian, non-partisan status in a letter to the California Aggie. On April 20, 2005 Colin Wen made note of the early manifestation of what would be California Proposition 73, a parental notification law. It was his opinion that the intitiative was necessary so that it would not be overturned by the courts. On April 21, 2005 the Students For Life opposed California Assembly Bill 654, a bill that would permit assisted suicide. The bill was defeated.


In the Fall of 2006, all members graduated, which caused a lack of continuity in the organization. The group then splintered, with two inactive groups.

Original Organization

Gabe Koulikov was the previous interim president elected by the leadership, and previous official secretary elected by the members. He maintains the bank account and records of the original group. He also has (in his words), "all the official and unofficial club stuff", and urges people interested in reactivating the organization to email him at [email protected]. Unfortunately, most of the active members, and leadership, graduated from Davis. Koulikov claims that the leadership was unable to find replacements, and the group quietly settled down. He claims that Steve Ostrowski later "took over" the group on his own accord, and had nothing to do with it's forbears or the national organization. This group, though "official", has no currently active members.

Ostrowski's Organization

In mid-October 2006, Steve Ostrowski created a new group and appointed himself President. He announced his intent to personally give out officer positions. They are currently recruiting officers and "infantrymen." In May of 2007, President Ostrowski appointed himself President for another term of office for the 2007-2008 year. He considers the pro life movement at UC Davis to be in a state of crisis and in great need of momentum.

This group is generally allied with Steve's various endeavors, many of which also feature himself as leader or sole active member. According to information on his publication, The Davis Enforcer, he intends to create a future publication titled Christian Voice. The limited publication schedule of the Enforcer and the lack of activity within his splinter group gives heavy doubt that the publication will ever see press.

They shall work to educate the public concerning the abortion and euthanasia issue and will begin to work on charitable efforts to assist pregnant women or those who have decided to keep their babies. Their mission this year is to create ties between them and the pro choice community so as to create civil debate and joint charity efforts. They realize the plight of low income mothers and thus they invite those on the pro choice side to assist them in helping them.

They intend to end the senseless conflict of words and rid the community of poverty. They extend to the public their sincere desire to join forces with individuals in order to bring about a better future for Yolo County.

In the year since his self-appointed leadership of the unofficial splinter, no action other than online posts of information and a Davis Enforcer article have been accomplished. Steve appears to be the sole member.

Past Leadership

April 2005-June 2005 Officers

  • Colin Wen (President)
  • Kristen Florek (VP Events)
  • Lawrence Chukwueke (VP Publicity)
  • Gina (Treasurer)
  • Natalie (Secretary)
Steve Ostrowski is unable to edit this entry due to abuse


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Comments on this page should be specific to Students for Life at UCD. In the past, debate flare-ups have resulted in pages that just ended up getting deleted.

2007-07-02 08:55:36   So, I have a question....If Mr. Ostrowski is the only member as of October 2006, is this still a viable campus group? It seems that he's got his fingers in a lot of campus pies, maybe it's one to many? Just a thought. —RocksandDirt

2007-08-25 02:16:18   Does SFL@UCD endorse the Giuliani approach of limiting abortions through making the adoption process easier. Furthermore, would SFL@UCD be willing to advocate for extending adoption rights to everyone, including LGBT folk? And finally, will SFL@UCD be returning to Democracy soon, if so when will the election take place?

BTW non-sectarian and Christian Voice don't mesh.

My suggestion : Life - it's more than cereal. —GregWebb

2007-09-05 18:24:10   I don't know how many people realize this, but Steve Ostrowski has declared himself ruler of a club that currently exists in name only, and he has given himself absolute authority, which has ended up translating to what has been no real power other than political puppeteering. All of the leadership of Students for Life at UCD graduated and, as often happens, were not able to find people to replace them. This means that all the stuff Steve edited about him being President, etc., as of May(?)/October 2006-ish, is all Steve Ostrowski, not Students for Life at UCD, which currently has no active participants. If anyone wishes to restart it WITH ACTUAL CONTINUITY with the old club, I still have all the official and unofficial club stuff, so contact me (not Steve) at my gabekoulikov-at-gmail-com e-mail (I'm the previous interim president elected by the leadership, and previous official secretary elected by the members). If anyone wishes to start a group with no continuity with the 2005-2006 Students for Life at UCD, that is your prerogative.

If anyone goes to the national Students for Life official website, they will also notice 2 Students for Life at UCD/UC Davis groups for this very reason.

I'm actually surprised Steve got away with this for so long. Did anyone else notice he just 'put himself in charge' by default? It looks like some people did. I think people may wish to start two wiki pages. Our club's official bylaws don't allow anyone to appoint themselves to any official position.

Someone can eventually word it better, but that's the truth, and I it should be on here. And that is my purpose in saying such things.

Steve's an interesting guy. I think he would have more influence if he were (more) honest. —GabeKoulikov

2007-09-05 18:55:43   Gabe's a good, honest guy. I may disagree with him politically, but I trust what he has to say. Especially since he is the former President of this group. —JamesSchwab

2007-09-05 19:09:03   There are two different pro life groups that have two different jurisdictions. The Students for Life organization under Gabe has the bank account but doesn't function in any sort of capacity. Indeed Gabe will be departing Davis within a week and will not be back for the entire fall if not more. The description above is accurate in describing the second group which is what was handed to me to work with. All of this is rather trivial as the two groups are apparently in good standing with their respective supervisors and neighter are associated with SPAC. I haven't been in regular contact with Gabe on Students for Life issues and so there is some understandable confusion between us. —SteveOstrowski

  • There is one glaring continuity here, and that is the misuse of the Davis Wiki for personal ego-stroking, and the posting of false information, along with the purposeful with-holding of factual information. Add that to Steve's attempt to delete the information once it was put up and you've got a perfect storm of wiki trollery. There should be no reason why someone who has declared war on reality should be allowed to continue to deface the Davis Wiki like this.

    By the way, this second 'students for life group' doesn't function in any capacity either, Steve.

    An advisor? Who is this mysterious non-existent person, now? I don't see any information on this page about an advisor. The "Field Advisor," Perhaps? I don't think there's a user left on the wiki who even cares to know anymore. - KarlMogel

  • I am going to fix this in like 10 minutes, it would be best not to make huge changes until I can rectify this little problem. —SteveOstrowski

2007-09-06 10:48:02   After listening to both Steve and Gabe on the empire nation on KDVS today, I don't care who runs the thing, they're both wackos with super warped views of humans, our embryos, sexual behavior and abortion. Students for Life is a group that does more harm to our society and our right to life than good. They're not students for life, they're just students against abortion and euthanasia. Free pre-and post-sex birth control for all. —PxlAted

2013-04-04 15:40:20   Chris Wood and the Davis Prolife Seven 1977 student insurance fee protest Davis Students for Life quite the battle! [email protected]cjwood