This is a page just for you who would like to be the center of your own cause. There is a growing number of us attending UC Davis every year, and so we would like to increase public acceptance of our differences.

Enough Said.

"Help us find the missing piece of the puzzle"

"Let's put an end to this epidemic!"

"Autism is a devastating disorder that kidnaps healthy children, leaving behind an empty shell"

There are several online organizations created by autistics themselves, and many of us would agree that these scare tactics are very offensive and only further spread misunderstanding. Although we do not deny that there is a disability in place, many of us would much rather be accepted the way we are (and given supports to help us live more independently), than to be "cured" of our alternative way of thinking. Many of us embrace a radical new concept called "Neurodiversity," the idea that no two brains are alike, and that sometimes it is society that causes us problems rather than our atypical thinking style.

Resources to Consider

Unfortunately, UC Davis has not provided any resources specifically to help autistic students. Most prestigious campuses are not responsible to give services to people with disabilities, other than for academic accommodations or building accessibility. This needs to change, because it is very easy for some of us to end up with zero friends throughout our college career, and that is an unhealthy level of isolation to experience (even if you do manage to pull off good grades). Not to mention, there are sensory issues that do not get addressed when making classrooms more accessible (fluorescent lighting, disruptive talking in classes).

The good news is that there are some places nearby in the meantime. To get to Sacramento, you can use your Student ID to get a free ride on the Yolobus into the downtown area. Be advised that it takes an hour to get there, due to the frequent stops. If you want to be able to commit to Sacramento visits, I would strongly suggest buying a 10-trip Amtrak pass for $55 (lasts 45 days).

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