This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


Replaced by Sno-Crave Tea House


825 Russell Blvd. #21
Saturday - Wednesday: 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Thursday - Friday: 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Never Created
Names of owners/proprietors here
Mon-Thu 4-6PM "Happy Hour" $0.29/oz.
Payment Methods
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Cash

SugarPlum was the frozen yogurt place with the most yogurt selection in town. Located in the University Mall, they had lots of tables inside to sit at and enjoy your yogurt with your friends.

They had a wide variety of flavors, more than 10, including 8 tart flavors (including such flavors as lychee and taro). The topping selection was impressive, with many different cereals, fresh fruits, candies and even granola. Plenty of fresh fruit, but not quite as many other toppings as Yoloberry. They also had a jelly topping (like in Asian candies) and a variety of mochi. Toward the end, they came out with "poppers" in Lychee, Passion Fruit and Strawberry flavors. These popper toppings were rarely found anywhere else and really topped off the yogurt well. The price was comparable to the other yogurt places in Davis.

They had a frequent buyer card, but you have to buy 8oz of yogurt to get a stamp. That's unfortunate if you like small portions, as they won't count for a stamp. The "card" after the initial stamp was a receipt with a number printout on top. This could be a bit frustrating since it doesn't fit into wallets as conveniently as a card would. The card was redeemable for $2 off on your 6th purchase.

They opened January 2010 in the location where Ritz Camera used to be. The store eventually closed around the beginning of September 2014.




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2010-01-09 21:39:53   Awesome yogurt place in an excellent spot. There are lots of tables inside to sit at and enjoy your yogurt with your friends. There also was a wide variety of flavors, more than 10, including 8 tart flavors (all super tasty!) The topping selection was impressive, with many different cereals, fresh fruits, candies and even granola. They also have a jelly topping (like in asian candies) and a variety of mochii. The price was comparable to the other yogurt places in Davis. They have a frequent buyer card, but you have to buy 8oz of yogurt to get a stamp. That's unfortunate if you like small portions, as they won't count for a stamp. —AlexandraEllis

2010-01-09 22:05:27   New favorite yogurt place! Great flavor selection (lycheee! taro!) and the usual fruit/candy toppings. The staff was really friendly — I'll definitely be back. Highly recommended! —MichellePalmer

2010-01-09 22:24:59   Lots of yogurt flavors, plenty of fresh fruit, but not quite as many other toppings as Yoloberry. Staff was really friendly and were making an obvious effort giving out samples, water, etc. —5thAve

2010-01-17 11:50:41   I like it. Although my first love will always be Cultive, Sugar Plum will them them a run for its money. I tried all their tart flavors as well as non tart ones: original tart, mango tart, coconut tart(quite interesting), pink lemonade, lychee tart, chocolate mint, wild strawberries, pomegranate energy-something (long name), blackberry and more, but these just off the top of my head. And I have to say, it's definitely not bad at all. In fact, some of them are pretty damn good. Their layout of yogurt dispensers is really long! They seriously have a ton of different flavors! However, there is a mini-wall/bench right in front of the dispensers and I wasn't sure if I was suppose to go back to the end of the line to try flavors that I missed or try to 'cut' back into the line. (see picture above) I didn't try any of their toppings but it seems standard as other froyo places. However, it did feel like the toppings were an afterthought to the shop because it felt like they were crammed all on the counter. As for stamp cards, any yogurt you buy after the initial yogurt will be given a receipt instead of a card? I'm still a little confused about this but I'm glad I gave this place a try. As for coming back, I honestly don't think I will unless they will have discounts or coupons. —KimN.

2010-01-22 18:02:57   as a lover of lychee flavored things, i was actually excited to try this place despite it being like, the fourth(?) yogurt place to open in a few years. I got lychee/original tart with cherries, it was very good, and the price was def competitive to other places. also, the line moved pretty fast, and the service was good despite them being pretty busy. i'll prolly continue to go here instead of yoloberry, not just cuz of the lychee flavor but also because it's a lot easier to park at the U mall. . . —KellyCorcoran

2010-01-23 01:06:19   I'll have to admit that I was baffled about getting a punchcard on my first visit, then a flimsy receipt each time I purchased yogurt. So after accumulating enough purchases to get the $2 off, I asked about the punchcards. They're doing the receipt thing so that employees don't give out free punches to friends — the register keeps tracks of quantities and prints them out accordingly. Of course I'm still kinda annoyed because I'm more likely to lose a receipt... but I can see where they're coming from. —MichellePalmer

2010-01-26 00:26:27   It was certainly a great idea to open a fro yo place at the U-Mall, we really needed some more variety over there. Also the interior is very funky and fun - a hip little hangout. However, I did try the yogurt and did not like it at all. I felt like the tart flavors were very artificial tasting and the regular yogurt flavors also had a powdery taste. I'm going to have to stick with Cultive even though it's not as wonderfully convenient as SugarPlum. —smoh

2010-01-30 15:44:50   This place reminds me of Yogurtland. They have stamp cards and have some interesting flavors, though. Almond tart, what? Over all, nothing too exciting. —strawberry

2010-02-04 22:45:13   I think that the flavors are okay, not as good as Cultive or Yoloberry. A few of my other friends say that it's not as good too. I agree with Strawberry, that the environment reminds me of Yogurtland (San Ramon's at least). The employees were very nice, even helping me hold open the covers for the toppings. Since I live in the Cuarto dorms, this place is really convenient to go to. But despite that, I still prefer Cultive and went there instead after having a froyo craving for the past week. —snsdgee

2010-02-20 01:53:56   I prefer Yoloberry or Yogurt Shack only because SugarPlum's yogurt has a certain distasteful flavor that I just can't quite pin down. Moreover, not horrible yogurt and considering its proximity to me I would could there, but definitely prefer the first two mentioned. —blastoff

2010-03-01 11:16:14   Soooo many choices (16), some tart, some not. I enjoyed the taro, coconut, and regular tart. My son liked tart with mochi and gummie bears (sort of the same thing to me). I do like Cultive's flavors better. But this was a nice treat after shopping at Cost Plus. —NoelBruening

2010-03-06 23:53:04   Their games and yogurt are not bad. The peanut shreds have a weird taste though, like it just came out of a plastic bag. Although the yogurt choices are not bad, I seriously recommend that the manager/owner train their employees in the art of customer service. They actually have their employees stand next to you and question you about your yogurt selection while you fill your cup so they can make sure you don't taste any of the yogurt before you buy it. "Look at the sign, it says no tasting. What yogurt do you want? I will get the sample for you." Then he turns around and ask me and a few other customers if they also want him to get samples for us. Totally felt uncomfortable getting yogurt now that he was standing in front of the yogurt line. After observing you thoroughly, the cashier takes about 20 minutes to call their headquarters to figure out how to charge the gift card they issued. Their incompetence and their attitude makes the yogurt place a less friendly place. I totally prefer Yolo Berry over Sugar Plum until they can get better trained employees. —xue

2010-03-10 22:06:45   To the comment above - I was the one working that night and never once did I say there is no tasting. Of course there is tasting - thats what SAMPLE cups are for. The reason why I said something was because there were people eating from the cups with their fingers...The sign says "There is no eating in line and no refilling already paid cups", not "no tasting" as you claim. We started to offer sample cups for a few reasons - 1). For sanitary reasons (as mentioned above, some people use their fingers to eat from the machines and cups 2). Crowd control - it causes a traffic jam when there are too many people sticking around tasting samples 3). many people were just taking advantage of the cups and just eating them rather than "sampling". I'm sorry you had a bad experience, but would appreciate it if you wouldn't tell lies that would threaten my job. Also, call corporate about gift cards? First of all, Sugarplum is not own by a conglomerate. Second, I just double checked to see if I was running it correctly and it took merely a few seconds - 1 min. at most. And peanut shreds? what are peanut shreds? You need to get educated and get your facts straight before making accusations and telling lies. A job is hard to come by these days. —kumart

    2010-03-15 15:21:46   I really like their selection of tart flavors. I've never been to a froyo place with 8 different tart flavors, plus a ton of regular ones too. It's cool that they have random games. Kind of expensive. I usually end up paying between $4 and $5 for an almost filled cup. And it is a little weird that you don't get a free cup of yogurt, you just get $2 off eventually if you keep track of the receipt. —argyle

    2010-04-12 20:16:50   Yogurt and toppings are decent here but the business just seems so stingy. I went there last friday and when I asked for a sample cup, the worker had to get it for me instead of me getting it myself. Id much rather get it myself and I would disagree if this is for 'sanitary' reasons because customers dispense their own yogurt anyways. It's really uncomfortable to have a worker just stand there and while i taste the yogurt. Even though the manager/owner has the right to make his/her own choice to implement this new 'rule,' as a customer, I just get a real stingy vibe from the store. Also, PLEASE make stamp cards and NOT put them on receipts. It seems like the receipt points are just a way to make it even easier for us to lose or even throw away our points.

    Yoloberry LEAVES OUT sample cups! you don't even have to ask! AND they have cards instead of loose pieces of paper for stamps. And yet they still make money. Sugar plum, I dont know how you guys are trying to 'save' money but these whacky rules are encouraging my friends and I to not visit again!! —sukanas

    2010-04-15 20:21:48   DON'T EVER GO TO SUGARPLUM!!!! I used to enjoy sugarplum and I am a big froyo fanatic. However, after tonight's incident I will NEVER go to sugarplum ever again. One of my friends said that the red bean topping tasted a bit sour and after tasting it myself, I realized that it was spoiled. After confronting the employees about it, they did NOTHING about it. Even after admitting themselves that they had never tried red bean before, they tasted the topping in front of my friend and blatantly said that the taste was "alright" to them. When we asked for the manager, they continually refused to bring her out. When we told them to at least replace the red bean, they still refused to do so, and instead of alleviating the situation, they only argued and yelled at us for being wrong about the red bean taste. First of all, we are not the ones who had tried red bean for the first time before, so we already know what the taste is. And no matter what, the customer is giving you BUSINESS. You shouldn't be arguing over how the red bean topping may not "have meshed well with your yogurt". And next time, when a customer complains, don't tell them to step aside for your other customers. —tjdusghk

    • Sounds suspicious. Yes red bean shouldn't taste sour (speaking from plenty of personal experience). Hopefully that's an isolated incident, but at least they should have apologized or just change those out. What if someone got sick? —LeeY

    2010-04-21 14:02:05   Honestly, this place is chump change compared to Cultive. First of all, you can't retrieve tasting cups yourself, the employees have to do it for you which is a little frustrating. Their chocolate is extremely weird tasting, and their original tart is bush league compared to Cultive. Their yogurt quality in general was subpar at best. Their fruit was also tasted a little outdated. To top it all off, Sugarplum lacked my favorite topping: Reese's Peanut Butter Cup chunks. I wanted to try Sugarplum just because I consider myself a connoisseur of Davis froyo, but if you are trying to make a decision between Cultive and Sugarplum, go with Cultive. Sugarplum sucks. —anarodny

    2010-04-22 11:25:53   FINALLY! A yogurt place in Davis... —EricaMacGregor

    • I'd like to point out that there are several shops in Davis that specialize in frozen yogurt, not to mention other stores that don't specialize but do sell frozen yogurt :) Here is a list: BenLee

      • I think Erica was being sarcastic. —hankim

        • All Davis needs now is a Thai restaurant and it can be considered "culturally diverse"... /sarcasm off —T.Zukumori

          • You forgot about sushi. —hankim

    2010-04-22 22:03:37   The watermelon sorbet is delicious! Other than the larger selection of flavors, it doesn't feel much different than other yogurt places in Davis.

    Although, one of my friends did complain about the fact that their mochi is mixed. Not sure why that was a problem (it all tastes the same to me), but maybe other people dislike that? —Shellesen

    2010-05-07 15:00:29   Nice addition to the fro-yo options in town. Pink lemondade sorbet is excellent. —browneyedblues

    2010-05-11 23:55:34   TOTALLY OVER THIS PLACE. When they first opened, they were great about sampling the different flavors and provided stamp cards. Then they stopped doing the stamp card thing and went to just giving you a paper receipt because they didn't want employees giving out free punches. I can deal with that, even if I keep losing my receipt and don't get a discount very often. But then they got really really stingy about the samples — the flavors never change so I was fine with that. It was more annoying to have someone supervising me as I got yogurt to make sure I didn't sneak a taste! We'd bring out of town guests here and even they noticed being intensely watched as they used their little sample cup. They stand next to you as you try the flavors, and wait to see if you'd like to try another. It's just awkward. I realize that these owners want to make sure that they don't lose money, but it's a bit overboard. I hope they realize that these cost-saving tactics are causing people to seek yogurt elsewhere (and there are plenty of froyo shops to choose from!) and are probably costing them more lost revenue than a little bit of unauthorized sampling. —MichellePalmer

    2010-05-12 15:09:47   I do not like this place. The yogurt taste artificial or something. Hard to explain just weird! I love Cultive. Yogurt shack and yolo berry are great as well. —ashleyinthemist

    2010-06-29 13:23:35   I liked their Lychee Tart and Almond Tart, but man are they stingy. Most self serve fro-yo places will give you a couple taster cups and let you do it on your own, but at SugarPlum the employee has to get it for you. I understand why they do this, but it just makes you feel like you're doing something wrong by wanting a sample. Also, the person working today looked really annoyed. She was helpful and courteous, but in a very curt sort of way. Don't think I'll be returning. —j0liefllle

    2010-07-06 00:39:13   I will be going back here because I live too close to U Mall to not go. My favorite flavors are pomegranate sorbet and original tart... too bad service has gradually become colder since they first opened. I wasn't aware of the change in rules about tasting cups because I always get the same stuff, but it sounds very awkward. —susiekim

    2010-09-17 00:51:50   i DISLIKE this place so much that ive never been back.. i had to ask for a sample cup which wasnt too big of a problem.. ON TOP OF THAT.. THEY HAD TO GET IT FOR ME! what the heck! let me sample what i want! and the girl who was letting me sample was really rude after i asked to sample a second flavor as if she expected me to only try 1 flavor and buy it..

    i dont know if they changed that since the last time i went.. but i dont think ill be back —sallythatgirl

    2010-11-07 18:28:34   I love the poppers. I have equal parts yogurt and poppers. Try this place even if its just for the poppers. Poppers! —MichaelAWoods

    2011-01-22 23:33:39   I love this place's selection of yogurts, and it has wonderful toppings. I just had the original tart with kiwi, mango, and some of every type of popper, and it was delicious! Also, I'm not sure how long this promotion is going, but to celebrate their anniversary, Sugarplum has a discount going on. It's 29 cents per ounce, or around there.

    It's close by, so it's a perfect treat. —KurtSassenrath

    2011-02-11 15:46:11   I can no longer patronize other froyo establishments because of poppers. There is no going back from poppers. It would be just as ridiculous for everyone to go back to rotary phones. —tombrokaw

    2011-03-30 22:31:51   Sugar Plum is by far my favorite yoghurt place in Davis. Their hours make them much more accessible to college students (I think most of us are used to waking up late, and in turn eating later at night), and their decor is aesthetically pleasing and quirky. The roominess of their space is also great because more people can sit inside and chat or play games, unlike Yolo Berry (the atmosphere at which I'm not a fan of). The flavour and texture of the yoghurt here is also the best in my opinion. The yoghurt is not heavy, but still maintains rich flavour—In addition, the flavour options include more fruit and non-traditional flavours, which is a bonus. Finally, the toppings, though they are the same you can find anywhere, are easier to access as you don't have to push through a line of people to get to something. I just love, love, love this place! :) —Morganna

    2011-06-08 01:47:39   Since moving to Davis last year, I have tried three frozen yogurt places...first was Pinkberry where the employee had the nerve to ask me if I had ever had frozen yogurt before (really? I don't think I looked like an alien or was born yesterday) lol...I guess she was talking from a script and didn't realize how condescending she sounded...I simply walked out and went next door to Ben and Jerry's which had a much friendlier and down to earth employee. Luckily,the second spot I found was Cultive where they had great service and very good frozen yogurt! But yesterAY I decided to try this Sugarplum spot with my sons, the hot weather inspired me to offer this treat to them after picking them up from school. So, we entered the shop and a nice employee greeted us and I was happy to see all the different flavors... I asked for sample cups to let my sons taste the yogurts to see which ones they would like. I assumed this was and is a customary. Here I was with four little sample cups and dispensing small taste testing frozen yogurts in them and explaining the concept to my young ones getting ready to buy. We were fine...until this old grumpy man in a black apron came out from who knows where and said, "what a waste!"...shaking his [email protected]! [email protected] I was totally turned off and felt that he was rude! I mean why give out sample cups if you are too cheap to really allow would-be customers to taste the freaking product??? He went on and commented, "that cost money too" and it was a freaking small dollop of frozen yogurt that went down the catch tray!!! I went off on that owner (I assume) I yelled that he was cheap and threw those sample cups down and on my way out just to piss him off, I dispensed more "waste" of his precious yogurt that honestly didn't taste as good as Cultive! I took the would-be frozen yogurt bowls out of my sons hands and left disgusted and pissed! He did this not only in front of customers but also my kids!!!! WTF? I was so pissed off that I cussed and my sons were just shocked and confused. Lesson learned, never going to settle for a yogurt place that is in the neighborhood. I should have went to Cultive from the get go where the service is better and the owner (or who ever that old man was) don't harass patrons for tasting their frozen yogurt.

    #FUCheapoldman! —JaneDo

      You sound like a horrible person :/ First of all, they ask that question at Pinkberry as a part of their job so that if you've never been to a yogurt shop they can help you with your selections. It isn't a snooty wine bar where they're like HRMHRMHRM YE BOORISH DILETTANTE, it's staffed by college students who don't care about your taste in yogurt. Secondly, I can't believe you'd do that around your children, I hope they don't grow up to be like you. —sundeimasu

      2011-11-05 17:50:57   My roommate and I get frozen yogurt here almost every week. Maybe we should try other places in town but I can't quite bring myself to risk a frozen yogurt without tons of lychee poppers and strawberry mochi. So good! I have never had any issues with tasting cups. Also they do seem to change their flavors around, although thankfully not too much (I love taro, lychee, coconut, green tea, and cake batter and at least 2 of them are always there). Location is close to campus, plus you can pop over to Trader Joe's to do your shopping once you have a sugar high. —SLongo

      I love this place! I like their flavors and toppings a lot and that you serve yourself. their prices are pretty decent and the employees seem really kind.

      2012-07-23 22:20:54   They've done away with sample cups entirely! I've only ever gotten the strawberry, but tonight I wanted something different so I asked for a sample cup. The employee told me they don't do sample cups anymore and that I couldn't try any of the flavors. I won't be going back. With this kind of policy, they'll probably be out of business soon. —ChristineSifferman

      2013-06-29 00:12:48   They aren't open super late anymore, sad face. Right now their official hours are just until 10 pm, I didn't catch what time they open, but they close at 10pm every night according to the sign. I was sad to find this out when I went over there at midnight while it was still about 85 degrees out.

      They have a lot of flavors, but despite that I don't much care for their flavors. —GarrettGallegos

      2014-09-07 18:59:16   this place is now closed. —MichelleNguyen