This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


Chicken Pancit

316 C St. (next to Central Park)
Mon-Sat 10:00AM - 8:00PM
Payment Methods
Cash, Credit Card, & ATM

The Sugar and Spice menu.

Sugar N' Spice Bakeshope and Cafe was the only Filipino establishment in Davis. The owner, Winona, came from Elk Grove along with a few friends of hers who made some of the other dishes. Their menu was small, but they were open to suggestions.

They offered baked goods [empanadas (chicken or beef), ensaymada, turon], a la carte [pancit, lumpia], and coffee-related drinks and halo-halo (a Pilipino mixture of ice cream, shaved ice, and fruits).

They offered lunch and dinner specials of salad, rice and one main dishes: chicken adobo, beefsteak, asado, kare-kare ranging in price from $4 to $6. Breakfast specials included dishes such as lonsilog, tocilog, and tapsilog.

Free wireless was available in the Cafe, but it's wasn't clear who was providing it. They seemed open to the idea of staying open late (i.e. midnight) during finals and other busy weeks. They were also learning about common food requests around Davis, such as for vegan foods. They generally seemed to be catering their business towards students.

They offered an online coupon for two full meals including beverages for $10.99 that could be found on Davis Coupons Online at until 2007-08-25.


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2006-05-11 16:33:54   Did this replace something? —ArlenAbraham

2006-05-13 21:17:27   I think it may have just been a residential house previously but I could be mistaken. —TrishAng

2006-05-13 22:55:02   I think that there was a children's clothing/toy store in this location about a year and a half ago. —JanelleAlvstadMattson

2006-05-19 12:29:36   I had breakfast there this morning and they were super sweet. They learned my name and talked to me while I was there. Being Pilipina, the prices they have are incredibly expensive for the amount of food you get. I'm sure I'll go back and fork over a bunch of money when I'm too lazy to cook Pilipino food myself. —JoAnnaRich

2006-05-24 15:44:08   You don't normally meet a lot of filipino vegans or Filipino vegan dishes. I know they are just trying to appeal to the Davis community...but it is such a weird concept to me. I cannot wait to go try it out. —JerellManeja

2006-06-01 09:42:51   I stopped by yesterday during the Farmer's Market. It was pretty packed. I tried both the chicken and beef empanadas and they were both really good. They're smaller than the ones at Goldilocks, but I really like their dough. I also tried the turon, which was also good. The owners are really nice, too. —JonathanVillavert

2006-06-10 23:39:05   I love them! The owners are so awesome, and I'm so happy there's finally a Filipino restaurant in Davis! =) —AndreaPasiliao

2006-06-15 23:07:20   The food was okay. I thought Goldilocks is much better. The owner was really nice and even gave us free dessert. But the portions of food was seriously too small. Price is reasonable. —KiwiSelina

2006-06-20 17:35:20   We just went to Sugar and Spice and loved it! It was our first time eating Filipino food, so we didn’t have much to compare to, but we thought the food was excellent. It was inexpensive and the service was great. The family who runs the place was really friendly. I had the Chicken Pancit, a large portion of rice noodles, chicken, cabbage, onion, and carrots. It was flavorful and spicy – but not hot. My husband had the Chicken Adobo, which was also very tasty. —JanelleAlvstadMattson

2006-06-22 22:28:03   Ate take out from S n S tonight. It was pretty good, not amazing, but not bad at all. The owners were really friendly and even threw in extra desserts. i'll be back. —MomsHome

2006-07-01 20:25:22   Went here last night with my fiancee. We got the shrimp pancit (noodle dish) and chicken adobo. The pancit dish was huge, and rather tasty. The adobo was tasty too, but it was also dry, and there was nothing to put on the rice. In the future, I would stick with the pancit and forego the adobo. The service was nothing to write home about. I am looking forward to returning and trying some of the other dishes they offer. —AlexPomeranz

2006-07-06 18:28:42   I have been a regular here since my first visit a month ago! As everyone has noted, the owners are really hospitable. The food is authentic and delicious! I'm not sure why people think $5 for a chicken plate is expensive, but I don't know too many other places where you can get such good food at a reasonable price. I haved almost every dish there, but highly reccomend the empanadas. And you can never go wrong with the chicken adobo. —DjzayValenta

"2006-07-20 16:54:37"   I saw this cafe while shopping at the weekly Farmers' Market; it is right across the street from the covered arcade that parallels C Street. The banana turrones and leche flan are fabulous! I liked the halo-halo; although it needs more red beans or maybe some macapuno (and I wish the ice were shaved instead of crushed,) the overall flavor was just right and not too sweet. Haven't tried the lunches yet, but only because I go by there at merienda time and was so attracted to the matamis! I don't think it's particularly expensive, either, when you can get 10 turrones for the price of a slice of cake at Ciocolat. —BelleVallestero

2006-07-30 18:23:16   the food here is pretty good and the prices are reasonable. i think the empanadas are a little dry, but the beef machado was excellent and the vegetable pancit was also quite good. the portions are on the small side compared to most places, but thats mainly because in the US we eat too much food when we go out. —MattHh

2006-09-07 16:20:12   Just tried this place today and thought it was an excellent value! I don't know Filipino food, but I really enjoyed the chicken curry, Filipino soda and sweet banana thingy I had. I found the portion perfectly adequate, and at about $5/entree a great deal! The location is great and I enjoyed eating in a repurposed house rather than some Baker's Square-type building. I also very much appreciate that yet another food culture is represented in Davis! —AlphaDog

2006-10-08 23:51:22   I thought I made a comment quite a while ago, but I love this place. The beef empanadas are one of my favorite Davis foods. I like homemade adobo better, but their pancit is really good. The owners are really, really nice and gave me a dessert once too. I would recommend this place for sure. —ChristyMarsden

2006-10-20 00:40:02   I hope it doesn't close down... this is a seriously unlucky location and building for a restaurant. I'm rootin' for ya! —MatthiasGropp

2006-10-21 12:19:26   Went last night for the first time ever and I'm already thinking about when I can go backa again. My friend and I used the online coupon, so we got the chicken pancit, lumpia, empanadas and drinks for about $15 total. Everything was delicious and the service was super friendly. They have a nice outdoor seating area on their front lawn which is perfect for nice-weather evenings! —StacieTownsend

"2006-11-01"   Went there on Friday for lunch. I got the chicken adobo, and one of the chicken pieces tasted a bit stale. My friend got the chicken pancit and thought that it had too much vinegar. The turons were good though. I don't think I will be back soon. —Amit Sahoo

2006-12-06 15:38:29   Ate at this restaurant for the first time two days ago. I don't understand why people are complaining about the prices and portion sizes. My roommates and I each had a different meal, and we were all very satisfied with both the prices and the portions. I was under the impression that $5 for a meal is average in Davis. Anyway, the food was delicious. I had chicken pancit, and the portion was gigantic and the food very flavorful. The owner (the male one) was very friendly and struck up conversation several times during our meal. I can tell they're hurting for business right now, which is surprising because I can't recommend this place enough. —CameronYoung

2006-12-06 22:14:26   I wholeheartedly agree with Cameron. —JanelleAlvstadMattson

2006-12-13 20:35:22   Great owners! I went in and they gave me free dessert and even made a special Pancit for me. They seem to have little business at dinner time, so they treat you like a king! The portions were more than adequate, so I am confused as to others problems. Also, great prices for the pancit at only 4.50 for the Vegetarian! —JohnHumperdinkle

2006-12-13 21:05:14   Regarding portion sizes versus the price, I've grown up on Pilipino food and for the price you pay, you get wayyyy less food than you would else where. They're just capitalizing on their food monopoly. —JoAnnaRich

  • Keep in mind that real estate is very expensive in Davis... the current median price for a home is over $500,000. With land prices like that, rent for businesses in the core area is bound to be equally expensive. Even though a restaurant may be able to charge much lower prices elsewhere, they need to bring in enough cash to cover rent and all the other expenses of running a business in Davis! Just some food for thought. —AlphaDog

2006-12-28 23:34:59   I went in at dinner time and the place was empty. The guy recommended that I order the beef steak. The meat was tough and difficult to cut and eat. He saw me struggling with the tough meat, but did nothing, except let the cooks know about the beef. I was expecting a bit more for the price paid. The guy was talkative and friendly. I don't think I will go back anytime soon. —JohnWong

2007-02-15 22:46:49   I got the vegetable Pancit today. It was horrible. I was with a Philipina friend and she thought it was horrid too. We also got pork lumpia which were sub-par to be kind. The owner took a phone call before we ordered and disappeared for about 5 minutes. My friend has now offered to cook for me so I know what good Filipino food tastes like :( —DaveyReed

2007-03-12 19:16:46   If you need Filipino food, you have no other choice. I think the family that owns the place is really nice, the guy talks to you while you eat and it gives a really "homey" feeling. However, having aunts that cook filipino food, I must admit that this place is not that good. I had the beef adobo which was incredibly dry. The rice was also very dry and was crunchy in some parts. The pancit did not have that much flavor. The turon was okay, it had jackfruit in it which made it really good but the sugar that usually comes on the outside was not present. The eggrolls had a really weird texture but I think that's because they accidentally gave me the chicken ones the first time, the beef ones were alright. I tried empanadas also which were very dry but it may have been due to the fact that I waited until the next day to eat them. I really love food, especially filipino food, but I didn't enjoy it here very much and it was quite pricy. —BamCam

2007-04-10 19:54:17   Sugar and Spice is in my steady restaurant rotation. Favourite dishes include chicken adobo, empanadas, beef mechado and the guiltier pleasures of longsilog and tocilog. Oh, and they have calamansi soda! Allowing for variations relative to the food I have had in Filipino households, the quality is good. I certainly hope we can keep a friendly family business alive in Davis. —SimonChan

2008-01-31 14:40:16   Are they closed? I couldn't seen to find it today when looking for it, the store that occupies 316 C St. is JoJo's Cafe —Aggie

  • I read in the newspaper a week or two ago that they would be reopening soon as a larger restaurant, but I can't recall the details, sorry. —DukeMcAdow

2008-02-13 12:17:32   It is now Jojo's cafe. Serving pizza and (hot and cold) sandwiches. —KristenMatsumura