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2007-07-09 13:31:34   Might be moving here, anyone know anything about this place? <3 zavi —Zaviera

2007-07-25 01:07:54   Please stay away from this place. Crickets and spiders in my room. I just killed 3 crickets today in my room. I'm going crazy in this hellhole. Everything is old and worn down. STAY AWAY!!! —anastasia

2008-02-15 20:35:06   Their parking policy is that 4 bedroom apartments get 3 parking permits and 3 bedroom apartments get 2 parking permits. This is a problem if you need the extra parking spot because they are unwilling to budge. There is no parking anywhere close to the complex so be warned. —BretCorzine

2008-02-21 18:13:16   I agree will all of the comments. THIS PLACE IS A S— HOLE. SO MANY ROACHES, SPIDERS AND INSECTS. i algo got a stereo stolen from my car. f— u suntree —Alekhine