2000 Sutter Place also known as David Risling Jr. Court
Just west of Highway 113 off Covell
General emergency and acute care are 24 hours.
Visitors are welcome 24 hours a day.
Children are welcome to visit when accompanied by an adult.
but if you're having an emergency, call 911

Sutter Davis Hospital has the city's only EMERGENCY ROOM. This is where you go if you are in need of emergency care. Sutter Davis Hospital is a not-for-profit hospital serving Davis, Woodland, Dixon, Winters, West Sacramento, Vacaville and the surrounding communities. The hospital is licensed by the State of California and fully accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Organizations.

The Birthing Center at Sutter Davis Hospital is one of the few hospitals in the nation to be deemed a Baby-Friendly Hospital.The Baby-Friendly designation is awarded by the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children’s Fund to recognize hospitals and birthing centers that offer an optimal level of care for lactation. Sutter Davis Hospital is also the only hospital in the greater Sacramento area to offer the option of water birth in a designated water birth tub. The Birthing Center also offers patients the option of midwifery care by a Certified Nurse Midwife as well as the option to have a Doula present during labor. The Doula program is a special program to provide continuous physical, emotional and informational support to mothers during the childbirth process. The Sutter Davis Doula Program is administered by volunteer doulas trained in the physiological and emotional aspects of childbirth. For more information, or to enroll in the class, contact our doula coordinators, Jennifer Anderson, RN, at [email protected]."

Sutter Davis Hospital is affiliated with Sutter Medical Group and is the proud partner of the Davis Farmers Market. In 2011 Sutter Davis Hospital teamed up with the Davis Farmers Market to offer a satellite market on the Sutter Davis Campus. The farmers market runs on Thursdays from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. June through September at the entrance of the hospital.

Also on the Sutter Davis Campus are the medical office buildings which house the medical offices of Sutter Medical Group and Sutter Medical Group's Urgent Care Clinic. The Sutter Davis Campus also offers new cutting edge technologies and services with the Sutter Davis Imaging Center and Infusion Center.

Sutter Davis Hospital ranks highly in surveys for patient satisfaction and continually is recognized for their excellent outcomes and practices. In both 2007 and 2011, Sutter Davis Hospital was named one of the Top 100 Hospitals by Thomson Healthcare, in 2010 they were awarded the top Gold Eureka award from the California Council for Excellence, in 2009, 2010 and 2011 they received the Best Place to Work in Health Care award by Modern Healthcare.

In 2011, Sutter Davis Hospital was recognized with a "Certificate of Excellence" by CHART, the California Hospital Assessment and Reporting Task Force. It was one of 36 hospitals in California which won achievements, out of 240 hospitals that were reviewed.

Sutter Davis is also the 15th largest employer in Yolo County, and one of the largest in Davis, with 270 full-time equivalents.

The hospital was originally known as Davis Community Hospital when it first opened in 1968.

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2007-08-26 16:47:37   I loved my experience giving birth here. I wanted a home birth, but a complicated pregancy prevented it. I labored in the warm birthing tub, it was so great to be able to move around freely in the water during contractions. I found most of the staff to be wonderful, though there was one nurse who was a total Nazi to me after I refused to pee in a cup for a drug test. That nurse then put some things on my chart that I later saw and was angry about, but after talkking with the hospital administration, it was straightened out. They're cookies are pretty good, and they'll give you as many as you ask for! —ElisaWeller

2008-10-31 14:41:34   Can anyone recommend an OBGYN in Davis?

I currently live in Sacto but am moving to Dixon the middle of November and I'm due to have my first child the end of the month in December...so I need to find a Davis OBGYN as soon as possible! I'll be delivering at SUTTER DAVIS HOSPITAL but need to transfer my prenatal care soon b/c my current OBGYN only delivers at Sutter Memorial Hospital.


Also, please feel free to share your good and bad experiences as well. Thanks for the advice! —jomama11

2009-03-02 13:06:23   Both my girlfriend and I have had bad experiences with Sutter Davis's emergency room staff. When my girlfriend had a problem with her ears being clogged, the only treatment they could offer was irrigation (spraying water into the ear), which had already been done the same day by the nurse at Cowell Medical, which only hurt her more. Also, when I was very sick one evening, I went to the same emergency room. The night staff was very unprofessional. One nurse seemed to like squeezing the needle into my arm so hard that the pressure from the liquid made it feel like my veins were going to explode. I heard her chatting with her supervisor, and apparently from what they said, I was not the first person to be hurt by her. Rather than reprimanding her, the nurse and her supervisor just had a hearty laugh at my expense and continued squeezing the fluid into my IV at a painfully fast rate. Maybe these experiences are isolated, but two bad experiences have left me very skeptical about Sutter's emergency room.

On the other hand, all other services at Sutter Davis are great. I was checked into the hospital once last July, and the care I received was superior. Both my general doctor and my specialist are also very knowledgeable, caring people. —hokusman

2009-06-15 18:00:33   I have fond memories of this place as I delivered here, and the staff aside from the Dr. who delivered my baby was fantastic. The hospital is clean and updated, nice. Love Sutter. —JuanaBNDavis

2009-09-11 20:17:47   Earlier this summer my boyfriend had a seizure, and I was freaking out since this was the first time I've seen a seizure. A friend drove us to Davis Sutter and the staff were great. They were very nice, caring, and hospitable, and they gave us free Gatorade! They gave the bf an MRI and CAT scan, and we were done in about 8 hours. Go Davis Sutter! —txwong

2009-12-25 16:07:18   ONE OF THE WORST HOSPITAL I HAVE EVER SEEN. MY GIRLFRIEND'S HEAD GOT HIT AND SHE WENT TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM. ALL THEY DID WAS CHECKING HER BLOOD PRESSURE AND ONE DOCTOR CAME OUT AND CHECKED HER. The whole process was not muh longer than five minustes. We have to pay a rip off fee around $700 dollars. We paid the physician fee about 200 dollars first and we applied for the chairity progoram for the remaining hospital fee around 400 dollars. We waited for few weeks for the chairty program results and one day we called them and they said the application is still under reviwing. On the same date. THEY FILED THE RECORDS TO THE COLLECTION AGENCY WITHOUT LETTING US KNOW. They obviously tricked us and this is not nice at all. —oyounggo

2010-01-02 18:24:59   Damn you Sutter, worst Emergency Care and billing style EVER!! Thanks for the 3 hours it took for you to clean out my cut. ( I fell off my bike onto pavement and cut my face) If I'd known the bills would be so complicated I would've just went to Cowell, I live right behind it for crying out loud. The bills came in twice times!! But I was charged three times. I am so not happy about this right now considering that my insurance company should cover for most of it. I should've just given a fake name for all I care at this moment. I'd rather die than to go to that hospital ever again. Thanks Sutter. Now I know where the non-profit part comes into play. —lovelovelove

2010-01-03 23:32:54   Been there twice: Once in 2004 for my husband's emergency appendectomy and once when I had pneumonia in 2006. Both times the staff and doctors were great. But I agree with the problems that people have had with billing. After I was treated for pneumonia I was sent a bill EVERY MONTH! The amount was different every time. After a year long fight with Sutter and my health insurance which was required to cover the cost 100%, Sutter kept reducing the bill which finally went to $55.00, then they sent it to collections. —jsbmeb

2010-01-07 14:50:44   hey guys you should file a complaint to http://www.bbb.org/us/ if you wanna sutter to take this seriously . I just filed one —oyounggo

2010-09-01 12:17:48   FYI if you're ever in there, look for a nurse named Jenny. She is amazing at what she does! —SovietSonya