2121 Suite 101-A Second Street
Monday- Friday 9:00am-7:00pm
Saturday 8:00am - 3:00pm
Sunday 9:00am-noon
Birthday parties: Sunday afternoons
(530) 759-1214
Rose Cholewinski

SwimAmerica Davis teaches swimming using the Station Teaching Method. They offer swimming lessons for infants through adults, and host birthday parties and family swim nights. They also rent the facility for events. As of 2008, they offer a brand new warm water indoor pool.


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2009-04-24 23:46:11   I'd be terrified to let my children swim here ever again after there have been two near drownings in one year. This is unacceptable in this profession and should be a red flag to all parents who want thier children to learn water safety and basic swim technique. —Helikid

  • Where did you hear about these near drownings?

2009-05-22 12:35:53   Yes. Can you please provide more information about the near drownings? How did you hear about them? —Marchangel

2009-12-16 13:24:05   "You have definitely been misinformed about the "near drownings". First of all the pool is 4 feet deep in its deepest part, making it pretty difficult to drown in. Secondly, Swim America has highly trained staff. Thirdly, have you ever been to the Rec Pool? Or Arroyo? Mayhem and near drownings are not only much more likely there, but do occur. Swim America is a wonderful place and I would send my children there in a heartbeat." —coolkid

2010-06-03 15:56:44   First of all, that "near drownings" comment is utter nonsense. Not only do I think it's total hogwash, check the "save" logs at any of the public pools in Davis. If they have only two per day during the summer, I'd consider that low. Again, total hogwash.

Second, and far more important, is how enthusiastically I recommend Swim America. They do a fantastic job and the entire staff is cordial, helpful and concerned. A top flight operation, in my humble opinion. —browneyedblues

2010-07-05 14:08:52   My daughter has been taking lessons here for nearly two years. She has made tremendous progress during this time. I have never once heard about or witnessed any "near drownings." The student-to-teacher ratio is low, the staff seem well trained, and the facility is always clean and kid friendly. In short, I have nothing but positive things to say about SwimAmerica, and am happy to have access to this facility in town. —bellder

2011-12-29 21:30:32   near drowning? I read the paper A LOT and have never heard about this. I also spent many years lifeguarding (way more uneventful than you'd think) and as a swim instructor. Based on my experience, this place is the safest place you could take your child to learn to swim. And they get results. But I wanted to offer the comment that after having my kid at swim camp this past week, I'm also completely impressed by the staff there and how attentive they are. They go above and beyond to make sure that everyone is safe, comfortable and happy (including us parents who can get a little demanding). I'm very impressed. —Lasan