This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


Cultivé Frozen Yogurt is Swirl's new name and has its own page

231 E Street , next to Peet's Coffee
Winter Hours
11 a.m. - 11 p.m. Daily
Payment Methods
Cash, Visa, Mastercard

Swirl Frozen Yogurt is a locally owned business that serves frozen yogurt with live and active cultures. The yogurt is fat-free and has 25 calories per ounce. With simplicity as Swirl's concept, they offer four flavors at a time - original and green tea as a standard, along with mango, pomegranate, and blueberry as specialty flavors on rotation that cost $0.50 extra. According to them, the frozen yogurt is not heat-treated and has ten times the amount of live and active cultures needed to be branded active culture yogurt. In a few words, "it is what it is," REAL frozen yogurt.

Swirl carries four different sizes: child (3 oz., for those under 12), small (5 oz.), medium (8 oz.), and large (12 oz.). They offer over 20 toppings, many of which are fresh fruits or cereals. They also have mochi as a topping after many customer requests. Swirl also sells gift cards in $10 increments.

Those already familiar with frozen yogurt stores such as Pinkberry and Red Mango will feel right at home, as the concept and tart flavor are the same. For those unfamiliar with the concept, Swirl employees are always offering samples. New specialty flavors are in the works, which would also rotate between the mango, blueberry, and pomegranate flavors.

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2007-10-22 14:28:51   For those of you from Southern California craving Pinkberry up here, there's finally a Davis version. It's a bit creamier, with more of a yogurt taste than Pinkberry, but I suppose that's because Swirl uses actual yogurt as opposed to powdered stuff. It's just as yummy as Pinkberry though. My only complaint is no mochi balls, but hopefully they will have those soon. —DannyYu

2007-10-23 22:25:28   I'd been craving Pinkberry ever since my frequent trips to LA this summer and I'm so glad Swirl is open. It's delicious and even healthier than Pinkberry. (Did you know Pinkberry doesn't have the ingredients to be considered real yogurt?!) I'm sure I'm not the only one that was waiting for more places like this to open in Norcal and of all places, Davis. Aren't we lucky! Sure, there are no mochi balls but the owner says they will be getting those asap. Go to Swirl!! You won't be disappointed! —mytastesaresupreme

2007-10-25 19:15:33   I love the frozen yogurt here. It has a refreshing taste that isn't covered up with tons of sugar. Great fruit variety for toppings. —SanaaJarrahian

2007-10-25 19:59:50   pretty good stuff, I dont know what punkberry tho —AlexJohnson

2007-10-26 22:23:29   This place is very good. The tartness of the yogurt is downright addictive, and the fruit toppings are varied and fresh. I would imagine that it is rather low-cal, but I didn't see any info about this on the website or in the store. It's great to have a place to get a nice treat that isn't sugar laden and artificial. —MarieBoisvert

  • To answer your question, the yogurts are 25 calories per ounce, nonfat with no added sugar (meaning that it only contains the natural sugar sucrose.) —Kafani
  • We have remedied the lack of nutritional information by posting that, as well as a list of ingredients used in the yogurt, next to the cash register in the store. There is sugar (not to be confused with sugar-free yogurts and ice creams which use Splenda and such), but the main sweetener source is sucrose, not high fructose corn syrup. The sugar count is 14 g per 4 oz. serving. —ScarlettYing

2007-10-27 03:18:25   I know the owner of this place. He is a good guy eager to give his customers great value & a treat that the whole family can enjoy. It is the healthy alternative to ice cream. Much better than fakeberry. If you have special requests for topping just ask Ross, he will accomidate you. He is always open to new ideas that will satisfy his friends & loyal customers. —TheBigJuice

2007-10-27 15:48:48   Yummy! —LadyBeltane

2007-10-28 10:50:21   We went yesterday for the first time and it is definately our new favorite place to go for a snack or dessert. The girl behind the counter was super nice and helpful giving us samples and patience as we considered all our options. The only negitive we both had was that we wished the blueberries had been fresh rather than frozen— but they have many other fruits that are fresh. —jess&will

2007-10-28 16:47:00   yum yum yum yum tea with granola and carob chips is simply yum. —JillWeinstein

2007-10-30 22:23:04   Great place! The frozen yogurt actually tastes like yogurt! Strange but delicious. I think the subtitle should be "LIVE FROZEN YOGURT" or "REAL FROZEN YOGURT" to differentiate it from the other places that are selling artificial hack jobs and calling it frozen yogurt. —DoctorJones

2007-11-01 10:02:52   I went twice this week. The yogurt was great but the fruit was not. The first time I had blueberries, strawberries and mango. I've never had such bad blueberries. Since I like the yogurt I went back and only had strawberries and mango, forgoing a third topping since there wasn't another fruit that looked good. this time the mango was not good. Quite underripe. I don't know if I'll go back since I like my yogurt with fruit or mochi topping. —robertaB

2007-11-04 16:58:08   I went to Swirl today and got an original large with strawberries, kiwi, and coco pebbles. The yogurt is pretty good, a bit creamier and more tart than pinkberry. the fruit wasn't fresh, it was frozen and also pretty tart. they definitely don't offer more than 20 toppings, well at least not at one time, and unless all the choices were not set out. The inside decor is also a bit lacking, just lots of neon green and orange. overall, not bad, but pinkberry is definitely better despite the fact/rumor that pinkberry yogurt is made from powder. however i do think, swirl is better than yogurt shack. —AmyYang

  • Not all of their fruits are frozen. They might be a little hard and cold because their are set on a counter that blows cold air from underneath. When Swirl first opened, all of the berries were fresh. But now, since prices have risen, some of the berries are come frozen due to the fact that they are out of season and fresh ones are very costly. So you can definitely count on Ross for getting quality ingredients when feasible (cost-wise). —mytastesaresupreme

2007-11-05 17:21:57   Took the family here a couple of days after they opened. Suprisingly, my kids loved it. Ross was great, and very patient with my kids topping choices. We will definetly go back. I would like to see a little more in the lobby area, maybe a flyer/message board or something just to break up the starkness. They might be getting a mobile version this spring to take to the farmers market. Can't wait. —Aaron.Curtin

2007-11-06 14:53:44   Just went there today for an after-lunch treat. It's wonderful. It actually tastes like yogurt. As opposed to yogurt masquerading as ice cream, which can also be good (i.e., Golden Spoon!), but is not particularly good for you. All the fruit options I saw were fresh, so perhaps this has changed since the first reviews were posted. Try Green Tea with kiwi! I'm pretty sure I won't be ordering dessert with lunch or dinner in downtown for a long time now, as I'll just want to stop off at Swirl afterward! —CynthiaCCC

2007-11-08 10:09:44   The yogurt is pretty good but the toppings are sooooo expensive. 80 cents for 4 small pieces of kiwi? at least pinkberry has a cuter interior and is a little more generous when it comes to toppings. —WhenLostLookUp

2007-11-08 18:03:50   To add on to my previous review, I was at Swirl yesterday and they had just added mochi to their toppings. Their mochi is awesome - better than Pinkberry's, and I'm addicted to Pinkberry with mochi. The orange coloring made it look like dried papaya, so you might not recognize it at first, but if you ask someone will point it out for you. —DannyYu

2007-11-09 20:33:56   Swirl definitely seems like the place for people who are more serious about their yogurt, as compared to Yogurt Shack. That person isn't me, but I can see why some would prefer it. It has more of a "yogurt-y" flavor (a bit more sour) and there is more of an emphasis on healthy toppings — but just as the Shack has a few fruit toppings, Swirl has a few less-healthy toppings, too (I think there were M & M's?). I tried the "specialty" pomegranate flavor (50 cents extra, as noted above). Again, I am not ga-ga over frozen yogurt, but it had a nice pomegranate flavor and I vastly preferred it to my partner's green tea flavor, even though I usually love green tea ice cream. I agree with others who say that the toppings are expensive — 80 cents for the first topping, 40 cents for the second, regardless of the size of your cup, and the amount of toppings I received was not a lot for that price. But the raspberries were fresh and quite good, especially considering the time of year. —CovertProfessor

2007-11-09 20:42:13   Stopped by to give it a try today. After the second bite (honestly, I almost chucked it in the trash after the first) I really developed a taste for it. Had the origional and I will be going back. Think of it as tart and yogurty (not ice cream!) and it'll most likely hook you. —Davidlm

2007-11-10 14:23:58   Swirl > Yogurt Shack

And thanks L. acidophilus for giving me the appropriate runs. If you suffer from constipation, have Swirl once a day for a good week or two and I guarantee you'll be regular in no time! —EmilyTung

2007-11-13 16:50:16   I am in love with the yogurt here. It's the real thing, and topped with mochi ad's divine. —kthrnngo

2007-11-14 09:06:21   They must have forgotten to include crack cocaine in the list of ingredients. It has to be in there though. I was just now thinking of the next crime I will have to commit in order to finance my habit.


2007-11-17 17:19:52   pomegranite. granola. strawberries. oh snap. —bluemoon

2007-11-18 16:38:28   the first time i tried this yogurt i didnt hate it but i didnt love it. strangely, since then i find myself craving swirl almost everyday. i think it is a great healthy alternative to regular frozen yogurt. —Chantal

2007-11-18 22:16:57   Enjoyed the "original" flavor special (three toppings). Had the raspberries, kiwi, and mochi - it was pretty good. I really liked the flavor, plain and simple. Sampled the pomegranate flavor yogurt, but unfortunately neither my girlfriend or I were impressed with it. —EdWins

2007-11-21 13:34:55   I went there on a Friday night at about 8:30ish. The service was great, the girl at the counter was nice and friendly. I ordered something along the lines of Carob, Strawberry, Raspberry and was satisfied with it. —DavidHolcomb

2007-11-29 17:15:41   love it. Im not much of a dessert person, but this stuff is awesome. Oddly if you get 1 topping you get the same amount of topping as when you order 2 or 3. I personally like to go green with a green tea kiwi combination. —MattHh

2007-12-13 23:57:17   LOVE. not an original idea, but those are over-rated anyway. half original, half green tea with mochi and fresh berries. my life is complete. —CandiceWang

2007-12-14 17:03:03   This is by far the best frozen yogurt I've ever had. —DavidGonzalez

2008-01-06 19:47:52   Delicious Yogurt. My friends and I go here all the time. I especially like the fact that it is open until 11... —ZackFrederick

2008-01-22 18:41:21   So I have been going to Swirl since they opened and I am ADDICTED! I have cravings for it ALL the time. My husband I just had our first baby and we are a little tight on money so we decided that we needed to make a budget. Even though we are tight on money I just HAD TO budget for Swirl. I seriously added a line item to our budget so that I could have Swirl once a week. I cut all other extra spending but I couldn't cut out swirl. It is so dang good! My favorite: Large Original with Strawberries, Blueberries and Kiwi. YUMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!! —MsSteffee

2008-02-12 21:48:37   OK...where do I begin. My first Swirl experience was back in October....and since then I go at least 3 times a week....(lots of swirl card punches) I tried pink berry down south after trying swirl and its just not the same or as good in my opinion. SWIRL is so AMAZING. I cant even begin to like describe its......and it has live cultures!!!! :) Mango with blackberries and blueberries and more mangos!. MMMMMMMMMMMM Yog Shack has nothing on SWIRL —philip

2008-02-13 00:37:58   hmmmm well, i think i like swirl only by default since that other yogurt place sucks big ones. i personally like the yogurt joints in socal much more though (e.g. pinkberry in LA and peachhouse in alhambra/san gabriel). the yogurt at swirl melts too quickly; maybe cuz theres too much ice? i cant really complain because davis doesnt leave me with many choices. so kudos to you owners of swirl. you wont be going out of business anytime soon since frozen yogurt is the new fad nowadays hahahaha. —echelon

2008-02-17 21:19:00   Swirl is so much better than Yogurtshack. This is ACTUAL frozen yogurt, not that crappy soft-serve ice cream pretending to be yogurt. —FeliciaTing

2008-03-01 23:45:39   Swirl is absolutely delicious. The only thing I didn't like was the service I received today versus the other two times earlier this month: while my boyfriend and I received a pretty generous portion of yogurt the last two times, the girl today only filled our cups a little over halfway full. I was a little disappointed, given we were paying at least $4 each for a small cup and a topping or two and barely got any yogurt (even though we had generous helpings the other two times), while the customers in front of us were served generous helpings.

At the very least I hope Swirl takes the time to teach their employees about portion control and customer service, because not only did the server today skimp out on the yogurt but she was pretty disgruntled as well, and it kind of makes Swirl as a whole look bad in my eyes. I would hate to try and avoid a place simply because I don't like one of the servers. —wootywoo

2008-03-02 00:27:49   I absolutely love this place. I had never had frozen yogurt before and I have to say that I am very pleased. My favorite is mango with strawberries and kiwi. I see myself going here a lot over the summer. Great place, highly recommended! —BrandonBarrette

2008-03-10 16:24:20   I love swirl, it is perfect for spring! —hmm

2008-03-13 13:06:20   I never thought I'd like a yogurt joint, but Swirl is addictive. The taste of their yogurt is just right—no artificial sweetness and a nice sour from the cultures. The toppings (for the most part) are healthy and minimalist (in a good way), and the standard practice seems to promote ample toppings, suggesting to me that that the owner is more concerned about the quality of the Swirl experience than saving a few bucks from excessive efficiency. I do have a few complaints, however: one is that there's some serious VOC off-gassing going on inside, emitted either by the big undulating plastic panel (my guess) or the paint. So in the process of getting a healthy alternative to ice cream, you have to smoke the equivalent of a few cigarettes, especially when there are long lines (which is most of the time). There should be an ordinance against materials that off-gas, because the impact on the customers and employees is only slightly less harmful than secondhand smoke, a class one carcinogen. Second, why not use fair-trade/organic yogurt and toppings? It's nigh time businesses get on board with the organic, ethical farming movement! Oh, and one last thing: bring back the blackberries! ;) —ZN

  • Thanks for your compliments and concerns! We're glad you enjoy our yogurt. As an employee of Swirl, I can attest to the fact that the owner put great care into painting our interior with VOC-free paints. I'm not quite sure what you mean by "undulating plastic panel," I'm assuming you're talking about the wall with the swirly, yogurty design. I don't believe it's made of plastic, as it's painted with the same VOC-free paints that was used on the other white walls of the store. That being said, we will definitely look into the cause of the VOC off-gassing smell you pointed out. My first guess would be from us cleaning and sterilizing pretty much every surface of the store on a regular basis, especially the tables. As for the fair-trade and organic yogurts and toppings, we have looked into everything from organic fruit (which we have every so often, depending on our fruit shipment, it's just not labeled outside as such) to compostable spoons, cups, etc. We would love to be a green company! But as an upstart business venture (Swirl is not yet part of a chain or franchise, the owner is a Davis resident!) that just came to fruition this October, we do not yet have the means or patrons to be a green company cost-effectively and still maintain the same prices for the consumer. However, as Swirl is still a growing business, we will hopefully be able to go green and organic in the future. And don't fret, the blackberries will be back as soon as they are more in season! :) Thanks for choosing Swirl Frozen Yogurt! —ScarlettYing
    • Thanks for responding. Hrm. Is it possible that I'm confusing the natural smell of yogurt cultures with plastic off-gassing? I did consider this possibility, initially, but gave up on it after repeat visits. I'm very sensitive to the distinct, 'VOC' smell, because I've had a few bad experiences with it. Maybe new paint, even if VOC-free, smells the same as VOC emitting paint. Either way, I'm open to being corrected. I'll have to suspend judgement. I'm glad to know, at least, that what I'm detecting doesn't come from the paint. (I thought the white, undulating decoration thingy was plastic—guess not. Good to know.) I'll keep an eye out for organic/fair-trade/green offerings, and I'm glad it's already under consideration for a later date. I know I'll (and my friends) will make the switch, even if there's a price hike, and from the looks of things, I think Swirl will be in a position to experiment sometime soon :) Good business model. —ZN

2008-03-21 14:46:01   I just completed a review of Swirl describing my family's first experience there. We absolutely love this place! Feel free to read and comment. I hope it encourages more people to eat dessert here so they can have this instead of Cold Stone.

2008-03-21 23:53:47   Swirl is very yummy and provides a great dessert/snack. —davistudent

2008-03-27 13:35:12   I absolutely love this place. It's incredibly pricey, and I've had to argue with my husband to put Swirl into our budget... but it's worth it. My only complaint is that they don't have large enough containers! I live in Sacramento and work in Davis, and I would love to be able to buy a pint or gallon of this stuff and keep it in my freezer at home so that I can enjoy Swirl at any time. I'm sure they would make a killing if they made something like that available. —HeidiDris

  • this might be tough considering the stuff melts so fast. Once it melts it usually isnt that good when stored in the freezer. But if this could work, I agree it would be excellent. —MattHh

2008-03-29 20:37:20   Has anyone else had unauthorized charges on their credit/debit card from Swirl lately? One just showed up on my account from yesterday, and I haven't been to Swirl in two weeks. All the other times that I've gone to Swirl and paid debit card were cleared, so I'm wondering if this happened to anyone else. So far my friend and boyfriend have similar charges on their cards.... —wootywoo

I just want to say that we are aware of the problem and that it has already been corrected. The issue had nothing to do with anything that we had done and did not even show up on our credit card close out report. It had to do with a coding error in the Global Pay System( whatever that means) Any card that was charged has been refunded and will appear on your statement within a few days. I am very sorry for any worry that this may have caused anyone and hope you realize that I was very distraught as well since I am the owner of Swirl and value each person as a customer. This apparently happened to many businesses and since I don't want to take another chance I am changing credit card companies. If anyone has any concerns please feel free to contact me at 530-758-5555 WK. 209-405-1874 CELL, 530-753-9107 HM PHONE ( Ross Hanstad/Swirl Frozen Yogurt)

  • Thank you for the quick response and for correcting the error =) I feel a lot better now knowing it was a minor coding error rather than someone who may have gotten my card info somehow. I'll be sure to tell my friends so they don't have to worry anymore either. —wootywoo

2008-03-31 20:34:35   I love this place, but I don't get the message above calling it asian frozen yogurt? Either way, it is delicious and I love not feeling guilty eating it. I'm absolutely addicted to the original with strawberries, bananas and granola. I just wish that I could get the 3 oz. size. I usually get it for dessert and the 5 oz. size it always too much for me. —rebeccap

2008-04-02 02:44:18   My debit card was also charged for a supposed purchase on 3/27... I wasn't even in town!!! It better get refunded soon! —BrandonBarrette

  • My card was finally refunded 3 weeks later. I can now resume my Swirl addiction. —BrandonBarrette

2008-04-03 10:40:11   YOU BETTA...SWIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!! —grrr


2008-04-06 01:36:00   I enjoy the green tea frozen yogurt with the mochi topping. It was my first time trying green tea flavored anything, and I must admit that I thought the initial taste was strange. But after a few spoonfuls you get used to it and it just becomes delicious! The mochi topping has an interesting texture. —at86

2008-04-06 08:36:15   At other places where I've tried frozen yogurt, the yogurt tasted just like ice cream. This is definitely different. The green tea yogurt tastes somewhat bitter (but not all that much like green tea). The plain tastes, well, like plain yogurt! The mango tastes a lot like mangos (although still somewhat different), and is pretty good plain. They have lots of interesting toppings.

As for the marketing claim about the vast quantities of live and active cultures: is this actually a benefit? I'm not a bio expert, but I would think that you would just digest the cultures when you eat them. (Bio people, comments?) If that is the case, then consuming yogurt with lots of active cultures doesn't do anything for you. But let's say that that is not the case, and you retain some of these cultures (in your intestines, for example). If you do not already have the proper amounts of whatever is in the yogurt in your system, you are probably walking around very sick because you are missing something essential from your system. If you do, increasing the amount by 10 times is probably not beneficial, and could be quite harmful! (No, I don't think that anyone is being harmed by the yogurt! But would you take 10 times the required dose of something that you needed? In many cases, that could make you quite sick as well.) My (uninformed as a non-bio person) guess is that you simply digest the cultures, and it makes absolutely no difference how active culture filled the yogurt is. But the point is, it's a bit like saying that "other cars are blue, but mine is even *more* blue, so you should buy mine instead!" Swirl is essentially saying that their yogurt is even more like active culture yogurt than other active culture yogurts, which are only active culture yogurt! It's still active culture yogurt. So where is the benefit to making it even *more* active culture-like? —IDoNotExist

Bacteria, especially acidophiles/acid lovers (which are the bacteria used in yogurts and other dairy products) are not necessarily digested when you eat them. Food borne infections are caused this way, when you consume such a large number of harmful bacteria that they make you sick (usually between 10 million to 1 billion cells). Also, acidophiles also produce an acid environment around them (in your intestinal tract) with the byproducts of the sugars that they digest, such as lactose. This helps to inhibit the growth of other, possibly harmful bacteria (which is why your stomach is also a very acid environment). The concept of dosage is also not applicable to a label like "contains live and active cultures" - bacteria are not the same thing as medicines or vitamins. —distracted

2008-04-15 23:56:49   Swirl is the THE best. I swear, I am Swirl's number one fan/customer. I especially love putting fruit & mochi into my mango flavored yogurt. I wish I could have some right now... And as for the overcharge on debit cards, they fixed the problem - I got a full refund on the overcharge AND on the frozen yogurt I got... so I pretty much got a free swirl! Sweet. —JanetHung

2008-04-21 02:38:53   This yogurt is a taste of heaven. Its hard to get something so refreshing and healthy especially when you are a freshman eating at the DC. This is a nice change and the yogurt is just so sensational. . . so orgasmic. I recommend staying with fruit toppings and mochi balls. —chand3123k

2008-04-21 19:37:42   excellent flavors that is not full of sugar. Wish they have more favors though. I don't like how they don't fully fill you cup, but that is probably better for my health... —justinhu

2008-06-04 22:16:13   Best snack in Davis. I love getting two flavors when I can't decide on just one (I like half mango half original), with mochi and fresh fruit toppings (strawberries and kiwi are always good). Don't forget to pick up a punch card: after 10 punches you get a free medium, and 10 is pretty easy to fill for a Swirl addict... —SRB

2008-06-05 23:05:07   Overpriced but I gotta admit that the blueberry yogurt + Oreo rocked my world. —EliseKane

2008-06-08 21:36:06   The ambiance lacks culture. Staff are friendly, motivated, and literate. Yogurt is up to par, along with the toppings available. Tonight I ordered, "a small blueberry with strawberries and mo cheese," and the Swirl staff member ignorantly topped my blueberry yogurt with mochi. However, I understand people make mistakes; in addition, it was very busy tonight. —RichardTrendall

  • What the hell is MO CHEESE? I hope this post is a joke, and if so let's take the comment about a staff member being ignorant out of here. You sound like an ass. —davistudent
    • You appear to be very sensitive about your unfamiliarity with Swirl's "Mo Cheese" topping, and hastily assume my feedback of the store was a joke. Please look into the matter the next time you're at their store instead of calling a fellow community member an ass. Also, I don't recall labeling a Swirl employee ignorant, which highlights my evaluation of the Swirl staff as literate because evidently not all of us are. I appreciate your assertiveness to this matter, and I forgive your cowardliness, Miss Anonymous. —RichardTrendall
      • I'm gonna side with davistudent on this. "ignorant[ly]" is harsh. "Misheard" is more appropriate, considering the two do look and sound very familiar. Not to mention, I'm sure that they'd have corrected the mistake once you pointed it out. Your replies reek of passive aggressiveness as well, by the way. —StewartShearer

—You're correct. The staff member who misheard my order chose to correct it, but in an untimely and unacceptable fashion. Since it was packed in the store (the line was out the door), the worker told the cashier what happened and re-printed an order/receipt and placed it down on the counter behind four or five other tags. I chose not to wait in line (again) and fueled my previous review with unnecessary harshness, and I apologize for that. In response to your discovery of my passive aggression, if you'd like to share any more irrelevant thoughts on the issue at hand, please feel free to message me. —RichardTrendall

2008-06-21 18:03:49   I am totally addicted, deliciousness in a cup! —Zeeba

2008-06-25 22:35:55   My favorite place to frequent in Davis. —NatFin

2008-07-15 16:54:22   I guess it's just me, but the "active cultures" in this yogurt make me want to throw up whenever I eat it. I don't have this problem at all when eating normal frozen yogurt. —AndreyGoder

2008-07-16 16:47:01   Does anyone know why the name changed! —rebeccap

2008-08-18 19:53:01   Not too happy with them... I went in yesterday to get some yogurt for my kids only to be told that I couldn't get kid sizes without my kids. Hello... it was a surprise!!! Then after explaining the situation, they still insisted I get the larger size (extra $$$). When I asked for 2 green tea's, they said they were out. My kids don't like the plain flavor so I was forced to get one of the "specialty" flavors (extra $$$). I asked since they were out of the flavor I wanted, were they still going to charge me the extra $$$ for the mango flavor, and guess what... they did. As I was paying, he shorted me my correct change, and looked irritated when I pointed it out. As we were leaving, he told the girl he was working with that I didn't even tip after everything he had to do for me. What a @#$% up ending to a good day. —Aaron.Curtin

To follow up... the owner (Ross) called to apologize for what happened. I honestly feel that he was sorry, and I appreciate the call. This was a one time thing that by no means is the norm at Swirls/Cultive. My family and I will still continue to get yogurt here on a regular basis. —Aaron.Curtin

2008-09-06 13:24:46   OMG I EAT IT FOR BREAKFASTS, SNACKS, LUNCHES, DINNERS, AND DESSERTS. i looooove it —ran123456

2009-02-09 17:11:22   Nice staff. Yummy green tea frozen yogurt. —strawberry