430 F Street , Suite D
10 am to 8 pm Monday through Saturday
by appointment only
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Tanya Lawrence
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Tanya Lawrence, CMT, completed her first training at the Massage Therapy Institute here in Davis. She went on to complete a 675-hour degree program at the North Carolina School of Natural Healing in Asheville, NC. Over the years she has acquired a broad range of techniques such as Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, shiatsu, Thai, Lomi Lomi, energy work, myofacial , reflexology, range of motion and passive stretching. As a result she is able to offer clients an integrative style of massage that combines various techniques during each massage. Tanya adapts each session to the client's preference.

Normally she will begin each massage with the back where many people like extra attention and then carefully work down to the legs and feet. At this point the client will be asked to roll onto the back for work on the neck and shoulders, arms and hands. This is followed by the front of the legs and down to the feet staying in tune with the energetic flow leaving the client grounded and balanced. She also incorporates stretching and range of motion movements into many of her massages, promoting healthy lubricated joints.

Tanya will pay attention to the client's needs, and give extra focus to those areas. She feels it is important to stay in communication with her clients and will check in to ask if more or less pressure is desired. While specializing in deep tissue, she pays special attention to clients who are sensitive, and will never go deeper than the clients particular threshold of comfort. As a result, a high percentage of her business is from repeat customers and referrals.

Tanya’s interest and education in massage therapy began fifteen years ago when her mother attended massage school. Around this time she was also mentored by a friend of the family who practiced a massage style known as “Zen body therapy”.

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2009-06-23 13:34:13   I consider myself to be a massage snob. Most massages I have walked away from have left me relaxed, but unsatisfied. I wished the therapist had gone just a bit deeper. Then I discovered Tanya! Tanya seemed to have ‘sensed’ exactly what I needed and where I needed it! She could feel my tense muscles and work out the knots leaving me feeling euphoric. She worked out my shoulder tension and pain using what she called a “range of motion” technique that no one has ever done to me before and it worked wonders. I left feeling totally rejuvenated! I highly recommend Tanya. I now “crave” her massages. —TeenaStockert

2009-06-27 15:46:00   I have been to Tanya twice now and couldn't be happier with her massages! She is very professional, knowledgeable and does keep good communication with her clients (i.e. checking in periodically during the massage), adjusting precisely based on your preference. I came away feeling very relaxed and tension-free! —lalamusic

2010-06-24 21:18:31   I tried Tanya after looking at her website and reading the previous comments. Tanya really knows what she's doing. I have a shoulder impingement and had visited two other massage therapists who weren't able to help much. Tanya gave me a 60-minute, relaxation massage and spent extra time on my shoulder. Her technique was great. My shoulder felt almost normal after the massage, and I was very relaxed.


2011-02-09 20:09:04   After trying 5 other massage therapists here in Davis, I finally found relief with Tanya Lawrence. I do very physical work and often carry stress in my neck. Without having to ask many questions, Tanya used her tactile intelligence to completely loosen my neck up, knowing exactly where and how to work out my physical stress. Unlike most massage therapists, Tanya isn't afraid to work the much-neglected glutes either. I occasionally suffer from sciatica pain, and the best way to relieve the sciatica pain aside from doing very specific stretching, is to have someone like Tanya massage the entire glute area. Her manner is professionally warm, her studio space is peaceful and unassuming, the background music is beautiful and relaxing, and I loved my first Tanya massage so much I got a 5-pack to last me into the spring! —LindaAnh

2011-06-03 12:57:17   By far the best massage I've ever had! Tanya is so nice and exceeded my expectations. The place is very clean, comfortable and relaxing. The day after my massage, my back pain was no longer there, that in itself is totally worth the money! I will definitely be going back many times and recommending her to my friends. —stevohfun

2011-08-10 13:48:21   Just had a massage from her...awesome! Finally someone with some muscle! I was late because I went to the wrong building (by the way, be careful that you don't go to the massage school across the parking lot. Her office is on the second story and you can see the entrance from the school) and she was very nice and even stayed a little later to make up for it. Highly recommend! —jadeeyes1113

2013-02-05 22:29:58   I had my first massage today at Tanya's practice, Serenity massage, with her associate Ellen. I have back pain that can only be treated with deep tissue massage and was able to book an appointment almost immediately after this bout began. Deep tissue massage can be slightly uncomfortable, but she applied just the right amount and type of pressure to relieve my pain without causing discomfort. It was clear that Ellen knows what she is doing. My back feels infinitely better - this is the first time I haven't needed pain medication in days. Both Ellen and Tanya were very warm when I met arrived, and Ellen's bubbly demeanor makes her very easy to be around. I was very impressed by my first experience at Serenity Massage and will definitely be a repeat customer! —AllisonBarnard