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Tara Stepanick is a stylist and colorist at Avant Garde Studio. She's new to Avant Garde Studio but not new to styling and coloring. She has enjoyed a long, successful career in Davis and is now joining the staff at Avant Garde. She looks forward to seeing all her old clients at her new location, as well as looks forward to meeting some new ones! Contact her for a consultation, or just stop by for a cut. You'll be glad you did!


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2012-04-10 09:50:49   Tara is, in a word, amazing. Although she is new to Avant Garde, she isn't new to me...she has been the only person I'll allow to touch my hair for more than five years. My mom was so impressed with how great my hair looked, she started seeing her too, even though she was an hour and a half drive away. Her color is extremely natural-looking, and she has a real talent for suggesting and modifying styles so they fit my face shape. She also gets to know her clients, so she knows who needs hair that is easy to maintain, who can put in a little more styling time, etc. I leave the salon not only looking good, but feeling a million times more relaxed than when I went in. As long as she's available and I live locally, I can't imagine letting anyone else work on my hair. —AmandaCaudle

2012-08-25 21:30:04   Tara is absolutely exceptional. What sets her apart is her dedication not to making a name for herself, but to giving each one of her clients the cut that is right for them. Her interest is in her clients and it shows in the unparalled quality of work that she does. She has seen me through college haircuts, pre-wedding haircuts, pregnancy and new mom haircuts, long hair, short hair, bangs, and everything in between, and not one of those cuts has been anything but amazing. As someone with fine, straight hair that is saying a lot! Tara takes the time to get to know her clients and therefore is able to make recommendations that will ensure the cut is not only right for your hair, but for your face shape, lifestyle, and time constraints. There have been several occasions when I came in with some hair-brained idea about what I thought would be fabulous, and several weeks later was so thankful that she had gently suggested some wise tweaks that resulted in a cut that was in fact, fabulous and just right for me. This is precisely why I've follwed Tara wherever she has been for the past 15 years, and have found her without fail to be dependable, timely, circumspect, and so much fun. It's like getting a haircut from your best friend, with all the skills of the top stylists! —MrsN

2012-11-11 21:46:14   Tara is not only an artist, but a lifesaver. In a pinch, I have called for emergency appointments and she is always there for her clients. She is so good at what she does, I can't imagine going to someone else. She is a genius at coloring; when I come back from an appointment with her, my co-workers always say my hair looks great, but they can't quite figure out if I got it colored. Then they say, "wait a minute, did you get highlights or something? Your hair is so warm and healthy looking!" The best color is when no one can really tell, right? :) —jaroche