I have removed this: 2013-09-12 20:28:50 Worst place ever. I brought my family out to dinner and it was the worst experience ever. The service was beyond bad. The food at this place was not as described. The proportion of the food for the high price they charge was extremely horrific. In the middle of eating the food, I have already found 5 piece of hair. Some hair appeared as mustache hair and even worst, pubic hair. This place should be closed down. The lighting of the place gave me headaches and forced me to throw up the tasteless and disgusting food in the bathroom. The water tasted like mushrooms and salted peanuts... This place does not take responsibility for their customers and SHOULD BE CLOSED DOWN. I DO NOT RECOMMEND DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND SAVE YOUR TIME. MONEY. and TYLENOL BY GOING ELSEWHERE TO EAT. —sushilover92

This borders on being an abusive editor. About the worst thing you can do to a restaurant's reputation is claim to have found something in the food and claim to have been made sick. I don't believe this person, and given the edit history I'm inclined to delete it. —DonShor

I agree with Don 100%. As a point of reference only—not necessarily a suggestion-on RocWiki we refer people to the Health Department for these kinds of issues. Our belief is to let the professionals handle it in order to avoid comments made purely out of spite or ones that are abusive in nature. —PeteB

the 92 in the username leads me to believe this is someone who is 21. You really expect a 21 year old to not flame the shit out of a place they don't like? Do what I do with shady comments — > press them to provide more info about the experience and themselves and when they don't then remove the comment ~SD

  • I don't know, I've met plenty of immature as fuck 21-year-olds and older. —hankim
    • yeah I was just getting at the everyone under 25 doesn't get it on GP theory ~SD

I don't buy it either. I say delete it. If this person was legit they could spend a little more time making their case and establishing identity. —PhilipNeustrom

Having eaten there, albeit not recently, it seems implausible to me unless they have gone very much downhill. On the other hand, SD's suggestion to call the comment into question and press them further might be a better strategy in the long run. —CovertProfessor

I agree with CP, this "review" doesn't seem too legit having eaten there several times myself. I think trying to reach out to this person, then removing his comment sets a better precedent than just removing his comment because he's probably trying to cause problems. —James