A Day in the Life

Tatiana Bush (aka Tati aka Moana aka ASUCD's Ultimate Afro) is a former ASUCD Senator. She was elected in the Fall 2010 ASUCD Election on the LEAD slate. After ten years, Moana was the last LEAD senator but, leaves behind a badass ASUCD legacy unmatched by any loser poly-sci major to participate in ASUCD. Bush has mentored and inspired several student leaders including current ASUCD President Armando Figueroa, who, sadly, still worships her.

Campus Involvement: Chancellor's Undergraduate Advisory Board Member Retention Coordinator for ACE African Americans and Africans Cultivating Education at the SRRC Student Recruitment and Retention Center Undergraduate Admission Director Search Committee Member Rugby Club Political Science Major Sociology Minor

Candidate Statement

Peace Community,

My name is Tatiana Moana Bush and I am running for the office of ASUCD senator. I decided to run because I have been learning about the amount of power students actually have at UCD and I want to utilize our powertogether.

I am currently a retention coordinator at the Student Recruitment & Retention Center, working to help all students through matriculation. I am also a member of the Chancellor's Undergraduate Advisory Board. These positions and others have aided in my leadership development, as well as increased my dedication to this campus, but more importantly to you asa member of our campus community.

In order to effectively diminish the disconnect between students and administration/faculty, I will work to implement students and/or student representation with a vote onto committees that address admissions, fees, and various other areas of student life. An equal ratio of students to admission/faculty/staff is also a priority. Some examples of committees include: Admissions & Enrollment Committee, Undergraduate Council, Planning & Budget Committee, Executive Council, etc. These are the committees that directly affect our student budget, fees, our campus activities, and our overall general college experience. I am here because students need to be involved in these decisions. a goofy business professional photo in front of the old CCC

To quote our Principles of Community, in order "to further the community of spirit and purpose based on mutual respect and caring", I will work to maintain a permanent budget to assist in funding graduation celebrations that cater to underrepresented, underserved, and marginalized communities.These celebrations do not consist of only 'ethnic' graduations. Any community on campus that feels underrepresented has the right to be both celebrated and appreciated.

In order to increase ASUCD visibility and integrity among the UCDavis population, I will work alongside the Aggie, KDVS, the ASUCD Webmaster,as well as other popular sources of information on campus to bring the complete happenings of your ASUCD senate directly to students. We will work to implementa weekly senate brief in the Aggie, senate updates via radio, senate-meeting breakdowns on asucd.ucdavis.edu, as well as other effective mediums. It is norm that most students don't seek out this information until directly affected,therefore it is the duty of ASUCD to go to the students. As your ASUCD senator,I will do exactly that.

Vote for the results we will produce together. Tatiana Moana for your #1 and LEAD for #2 - #6 !


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