New Downtown Store

232 E Street
Next to Yeti Restaurant in the E Street Plaza
Mon - Fri: 11am - 6:30pm
Sat: 11am - 5pm

Sun: 11am - 4pm

(530) 753-2300
Loren & Tracy Skinner

Teach Your Children is a family-owned and operated teacher and educational materials supply store. They stock most general teacher supplies but also have many resources available for supplemental, at home use. They have a nice selection.

Before moving to its current location at 232 E Street, Teach Your Children was located on Lake Boulevard. Outdoor Davis was the previous occupant of this location.



There is a whiteboard that they write sample problems on. This is our new logo


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2006-11-28 16:20:46   StevenDaubert Is pretty sure teach your children is run by his 5th grade elementary school teacher Mrs. Skinner and her husband! — StevenDaubert

2008-02-12 19:18:02   This store has anything a teacher or parent could be looking for, and probably a few things you didn't know you needed. From special pencils to educational workbooks, its all here. The owners are friendly and helpful. This "teacher's store" is one of a dying breed, so please support this local rare gem that Davis has! —MissL

2008-04-21 13:16:56   The sample problems they put out front are great. I can only answer half of them. —ElleWeber

2009-02-19 16:18:35   Teach Your Children, Inc. has a variety of teaching supplies and educational games and toys. We have everything from workbooks to arts and crafts. Please be sure to check out our new website at, and keep updated with our blog at Thanks! —teachyourchildren

2009-06-25 15:40:53   New location in E Street Plaza is great! The store has lots of things to touch and see. Huge selection of puzzles and games. Definitely a good source for birthday presents. —NoelBruening

2010-03-18 13:09:39   Owner is super nice, low-key. I was looking for a Bananagrams game and though out of stock, he ordered it for me and called me to let me know when it was in. Maybe a little slower than buying it on, but you gotta support your small downtown business or you don't get to have a downtown. —Virginia

2012-01-12 17:21:19   My family loves this store! Lots of games and educational toys. Loren is very helpful and we always learn how to play a new card or board game while we are there. Please support this wonderful local business! —GoAgs

2012-12-11 22:45:09   If you are looking for some fun nerdy gifts for kids that break the princess/superhero mold this is the place. The have a ton of fun, interesting, unique stuff that is smart and gender-neutral. Plus almost all the games/toys have a display version so you can try them out before buying them. Some of the best loved toys in our household are from here. This store is WAY more then just teaching supplies! —Zeeba